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KCRA has a question for its followers: Is racism OK?

Twitter can give us direct, live access to the thoughts of millions of people, including, unfortunately, the incredibly racist assholes among us. Such was the case Sunday night, when bigots across the country took to the internet armed with little more than misspellings and racist rhetoric to express their horror over Indian-American Nina Davuluri’s Miss America win. BuzzFeed and others chronicled the absurd stupidity of it all, and a trending topic was born.

KCRA tried to keep riding that trend last night on Facebook, but took a different approach, one born out of the worst kind of "he said, she said" non-journalism. Read the post in its entirety:

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Let’s have that constructive conversation, KCRA.

By setting this up as a reasoned debate and laying out the options equally, KCRA validated the legitimacy of those arguments. This would be fine if we were dealing with two valid but opposing options, but that’s not the case here. On one side of the “debate” are the intolerant xenophobes who, through some feat of mental gymnastics, link Duvalari to terrorism, Al Qaeda and 9/11. On the other side sit the reasonable people, disgusted by the ugly side of humanity that revealed itself 140 characters at a time for all the world to see.

There are not "two sides" of this issue to discuss, or a "middle" to fall into. As a news organization, KCRA has an obligation to be upfront and honest with its readers. Sometimes that means calling racism what it is – not trying to hide behind a false sense of "constructive conversation.” The formulaic push for false balance in journalism does no one any good, and in this case it makes KCRA – probably the number one source for news in the Sacramento region based purely on audience numbers – look like they were pandering to racists to gin up their Facebook comments. It’s "lowest common denominator" journalism at its very lowest.

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