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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on Red Tour 2013

Screaming fans and LED lights filled the stands of Sleep Train Arena on Tuesday night, Aug. 27, to witness Taylor Swift’s stop in Sacramento for her “Red” tour. Casey James and Ed Sheeran, who are also singer-songwriters, accompanied Swift on her visit to Sacramento. Entering the arena, you would see never-ending lines for the merchandise stand, young girls wearing red and fans with their light-up signs and Taylor Swift head cutouts.

In honor of Swift’s favorite color, the curtains were red velvet, cascading from the lights to the floor. Swift opened with “State of Grace” from her “Red” album, with her giant silhouette appearing from behind the red curtain. She ended her performance at the center of a semicircular walkway platform that goes into the stands, and gave her top hat to a lucky fan when before dancing back on the main stage. While she took breaks during her performance, she’d give bits and pieces of her life to fans by telling her story herself, or by showing videos. Seeing her live really allows one to understand the emotions behind her music.

When she was on the second stage in the arena, Swift called Ed Sheeran back on stage to sing “Everything Has Changed,” a song on her “Red” album that they wrote together. The duo sang to their acoustic guitars on a raised rotating stage. Sheeran has been touring with Swift as an opening act for the “Red” tour, and last Tuesday was his first time performing for Sacramento. The English singer-songwriter’s music ranges from pop to acoustic to hip-hop. He was the second act for the night and Swift fans held up “ED” instead of “RED” during his performance to show their support. Early in his performance he covered Britney Spears’ 1998 single “Baby One More Time” and clearly demonstrated that he’s a skilled guitarist. He also rapped about the journey of his music career when he performed, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.” He closed with his second single off his album “+,” “The A Team,” inspired from an experience performing at a homeless shelter when he was 18. 

Casey James, the first performance opening for Swift’s Red Tour at Sleep Train Arena.

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