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Its Time to Fish, No Excuses

OK, there’s one more day to get out on the water with the whole family.

Its Time to Fish, No Excuses

Yes, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, but Free Fishing Day is this weekend, Saturday, Sept. 7. It’s “Time to Fish On.” The California Department of Fish and Wildlife usually designates two days a year as free fishing days, giving everyone the chance to fish without a license.

Well, Sept. 7, 2013, is the second of the two days this year. It’s time to make plans now. Get your snacks and ice chests ready. Collect the bait money. Put new line on your spool. Make sure you have all your hooks and sinkers. Check your list and don’t worry about a license. Come on out and join me and thousands of other Californians in appreciating the state’s waterways for free.

I know that transportation is a big factor when it comes to fishing, but if you have the equipment, I can show you how it’s possible without a car. Here is a map of the rivers that run through Sacramento.

Its Time to Fish, No Excuses

As long as you don’t have six baskets of stuff and hooks hanging from your reels, Regional Transit would be a great way to get where the big boys are. There are busses that cross the river at Howe Avenue, two on Watt Avenue and one other that crosses at Sunrise Boulevard. RT also has routes that connect to the mouth of many parks that are interconnected to this same water system. You may not be able to get there at 5 a.m., but RT can make getting there by 8 a.m. a possibility.

Don’t let a ride be an excuse not to get out to the “big water” this weekend. There are plenty of ways to get to it. So pick a good spot, I prefer the 86 to Discovery Park or the 87 to Howe Avenue access. So call the gang, tell Grandpa to get ready, Saturday is Free Fishing Day. This our last time this year to get everyone out without a license.

Please share this and help me let everyone know that Saturday is Free Fishing Day.

There is a big bass out there with your name on it! Fish on!

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