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Report From the Edge No. 1

Tuesday night, I went out for the first time in like maybe five years. To the Deerhunter show at Harlows,’ dragged there by a Bay Area friend who thinks the world of Deerhunter. He is five years my senior and I used to trust his judgement, but frankly I don’t get these post 9/11 alternative bands. I came away with nothing, except the knowledge that even a formerly highbrow establishment such as Harlows now serves Pabst in a 22-ounce can, along with charging $16 for a double-jack-and-soda on the rocks. You know, Jack Daniels, that highbrow bourbon.

I couldn’t fathom the band playining before Deerhunter, I don’t know their name. Their willingness to not reveal their influences ended in a earsplitting sonic wash that may have been appreciated by listeners who don’t floss but sent anyone else with an intact auditory system running for the bathrooms. Is there such a thing as one-and-a-half-cords? Please reply below if so.

In other news, I am the editor of a new magazine in Sacramento, SacAlternative, so I’ve been trying to get in a better mood about Sacramento. I was ecstatic to learn this week from Wired magazine that Sacramento may be one of the most diverse big cities in the United States. Google that story, look at the analysis, and tell me you didn’t walk away proud about this town.

Finally, as SacPress readers are aware, I’m against spending at least $255 million in public funds on a downtown arena for the Kings. In the past several days, proponents of publicly funding the project have pointed to Staples Arena in Los Angeles as an example of a project that works. The Staples project does include some perks that might make regular working people more likely to approve it, including guaranteed jobs for the community. It sounds like total Communism, so naturally I’m all for it.

Kevin Johnson, all the Kings horses and all the Kings men need only to put it on the table.

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