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See Sacramento via Tre Borden

A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with Exhibit S – an innovative new art space in the Downtown Plaza. Last week we handed over our Instagram account to Tre Borden, co-manager of the gallery. A born-and-raised Sacramentan, Borden headed to the East Coast for school and returned in 2008 to be a part of his “hometown’s renaissance.”

And we’re glad he did. Take a cruise around Sacramento, Borden-style.

Meet Pearl, the Vespa you may see me scooting around the grid on.

Name: Tre Borden
Occupation: Artrepreneur
Neighborhood: Downtown/West End

SP: Why have you stayed in Sacramento?

TB: Sacramento is a city with enormous unmet potential, so for someone like me who is entrepreneurial, collaborative and ready to hustle it’s the perfect place to cut your teeth and make big shit happen. I think what we’re doing at Exhibit S, bringing the artist process and creative community to the public, is really compelling and fun. I also think downtown will become the real heart of the city once the arena opens, and I’m glad to be adding to that transition.

SP: Where is your favorite spot in Sac to enjoy the outdoors, and why?

TB: I like McKinley Park because it is the perfect spot for getting sweaty, reading a good book, having a picnic or walking your dog. Plus it’s gorgeous.

I still head back to play tennis in McKinley when I can find the time.

SP: What’s the best season to spend in Sacramento, and why?

TB: I think fall because by that time you are so over summer heat, but it’s still really nice and days are long.

SP: When is your “happy hour” and where do you spend it?

TB: Because of the nature of working with artists in a collective space and gallery our “happy hours” can happen anytime, but if we’re leaving the building we’re typically heading to River City Brewery across the rotunda from 3-6.

SP: On Friday or Saturday night we’d find you …

TB: Probably at Exhibit S, but otherwise at Low Brau, The Merc (sigh) or an art opening. Blackbird Kitchen + Bar is trying to bring something new and creative to the food-nightlife scene and they’re fun to collaborate with.

Our friends @lowbrau916 are the geniuses behind “THIS” a street party/concert that happens on 2nd Saturdays.

SP: On a Sunday afternoon we’d find you …

TB: This is going to sound repetitive but if I’m in Sacramento I’m probably in the gallery, maybe at brunch at Firestone or Tuli. Once in a blue moon napping.

SP: Describe our city in 15 words or less.

TB: (A haiku)
This place can be great
If you have all that it takes
To dream really big

Aerial view of the block party happening now on 9th and J in front of blackbird.

SP: I’m a tourist. What are the top three things I shouldn’t miss during my stay?

TB: Exhibit S, the farmer’s market under the freeway, the Crocker.

SP: Name one of Sacramento’s “hidden gems” – this could be a place, person, business, etc. What makes this a gem?

TB: I think what makes Sacramento compelling at the moment which isn’t really heralded too widely is our tight-knit creative community. Whether you’re a tech geek at Hacker Lab, making our food scene sparkle, a nightlife person or an artist and entrepreneur, you’re only two degrees away from anyone you’d need to collaborate with to make something happen. It makes this place seem really small sometimes, but it makes the possibilities endless. R Street (the Warehouse Artist Lofts) is going to be a future spot for our town’s creative movers and shakers and I think it demonstrates hope for Sacramento. Also Sandra Dee’s hush puppies.

…amazing new mixed-use development on R street called The Wal that will have affordable housing for artists

SP: What conversation are you a part of, and why is it important?

TB: I feel that I’m involved in the conversation about what Sacramento’s identity is going to be and how to make it a compelling place for talented people to see opportunity, especially for those raised here who have left. I think branding the city as a place with creative industry, entrepreneurial opportunity and a uniquely collaborative spirit will allow the city to set itself apart from places nearby and help it emerge as a place people are proud to be from and excited to move to.

Kulture Kegger is in full effect! Congrats to @ebenburgoon for all the success on b-squad

SP: Anything else?

TB: Shout out to my mom and dad Carol and Bill. Love you guys!

Check us out this week on the @sacramentopress Instagram, where we have the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates’ Jim Brown showing us how he sees Sacramento. 

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