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East Sacramento to see new Hawks Restaurant

Some say it’s the best restaurant in the Sacramento area. Thanks to a high Zagat rating and positive reviews from food critics, Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay has built a solid reputation, and to the delight of many fans and foodies in the area, they’re now bringing a new restaurant to East Sacramento.

The new location, tentatively called Hawks Provisions and Public House, will be on the corner of Stockton and Alhambra boulevards and will be opening anywhere from eight months to a year from now. The Sacramento restaurant will have a more casual ambience than the one in Granite Bay

“We saw a shift with restaurateurs,” said co-owner Molly Hawks “Instead of opening these massive restaurants, they were opening places that were more neighborhood oriented… that’s the direction we wanted to go,”

The Provisions restaurant will be more lunch oriented than the Granite Bay location. While the menu is still in development, Hawks said the popular Hawks Burger and the slow roasted short ribs will most likely make their way to the new establishment. For now, the staff is working on finishing the kitchen, which will most likely be based around a wood fire rotisserie.

The Hawks team is working on a new concept, a grab-and-go menu to be served for breakfast. For those close-by, Hawks could be a new morning stop for “crafted espresso drinks and a well edited breakfast menu.”

Some SacPress readers have expressed concerns about the size of the new location. The property is considerably smaller than the current Hawks.

“We always envisioned our second restaurant to be small,” said Hawks. “In theory, you can keep a smaller location bustling all day.”

The new property is actually two buildings connected by a thin hallway. The main building will seat around 60 inside and there will be plenty of patio seating. The smaller, secondary building will be the grab-and-go morning service with a stand-up counter.

Hawks and Fagnoni say they will bring the same quality from their Granite Bay location to East Sac, but there will be a different feel to the new place. “Hawks is very special to us,” said Hawks. “We didn’t want to recreate Hawks in Sacramento. We wanted something new.”

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