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Crushed Vlvt x Madam Butterfly Fashion Show

Last Saturday, Aug. 10, Crushed Vlvt Hair Salon located in Granite Bay, CA, held their first birthday party. The bohemian theme was inspired by all of people on the Crush Vlvt styling team and staff., who held a fashion show in collaboration with the boutique Madam Butterfly. The owner Shannon Marlin said, " This is the first time our team is show casing their talent. We’re passionate and working to be the best salon in the Roseville area."

Adrienne Hoeft, Michael Marlin and Shannon Marlin

Shannon Marlin and Michael Marlin are the owners of Crushed Vlvt, Maverick Style House and Spanish Fly Hair Garage. They’re working on their beauty trinity and are definitely leaving their mark around Sacramento. Be sure to check out Sacramento Luxury Salons online to see details from all three salons. The Marlins are passionate about what they do whether it’s about running their business, styling, hair or skin, and you could feel an awesome creative energy when stepping into all three salons as well. Each salon has a different look: Crushed Vlvt gives a bohemian chic vibe, whereas Spanish Fly and Maverick Style House fit their respective Midtown location of with a more diverse and artistic look.

The style team’s inspiration board for the fashion show.

The fashion show was inspired by the staff team picking a boho-chic theme. Allie Masunaga from Madam Butterfly styled outfits from Madam Butterfly to mesh well with the bohemian look that the salon wanted to portray, including neutral colors with pops of neon. A lot of clothes by Chan Luu, a designer from Los Angeles, were pulled from Madam Butterfly to fit the bohemian look the Crushed Vlvt team was going for because of the light beige neutral colors and flowy materials Chan Luu uses. She also includes a lot of sequin detailing and fun floral prints that really meshed well with the braided boho hair styles incorporated into the show.

Group shot post runway walks!

I love how the styling team created a mood board, which they left at styling stations to get the staff’s inspiration going for all styles. Seeing all of the different hairstyles to get a peek into their brainstorming process. Adrienne Hoeft was the emcee for the night, and acts as the leader of all the stylists. Shannon said, "Hoeft is the leader of all our stylists, but things at Crushed Vlvt are team-oriented. We also work with our sister salons (Maverick Style House and Spanish Fly Garage). We’re striving to be the best salon in Roseville, and have a passionate staff available to help you achieve the look you want."

Be sure to check out all of the photos from the night here.

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Crushed Vlvt

Website: www.crushedvlvt.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrushedVlvt

5520 Douglas Blvd. #140
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Madam Butterfly boutique

Instagram: @mbshopgirls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shopmb
500 Pavilions Ln., Sacramento, CA

Maverick Style House

Website: www.maverique-style-house.com
2000 I St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Spanish Fly Hair Garage

Website: www.flygarage.com
1723 J St., Sacramento, CA 95811

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