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Farm to Tortilla – Mayahuel rolls out taco cart ‘La Fonda del Taco’

“This little cart will take you to Mexico,” said Ernesto Delgado, owner of K Street must-see Tequila Museo Mayahuel.

Delgado designed his restaurant to combine the culture and cuisine of Mexico with the unique experience of tequila tasting. Delgado has taken it a step further and has made an addition to his little slice of Mexico – a “mobile taco bar” in the form of an artistic and authentic taco cart.

The taco cart, inspired by the ones found on the streets of Mexico, features a menu just as extensive and authentic as the indoor restaurant’s. The benefit of having a restaurant on wheels is its ability to move.

“I think the best part of it is that it is its own little restaurant, it’s transportable … I can take it to events, take the taco bar to you,” Delgado said.

The taco cart has already made appearances at the weekly Fiesta en la Calle events, the last of which was held on July 27. The Sacramento Press also hosted the new taco cart at its Eat Local, Bee Local event last month. Luckily, this was not your last chance to get your hands on these street tacos.

Tequila Museo Mayahuel has long prided itself on its ability to be a museum as well as a restaurant, bar and lounge. Through artwork and historic pieces, the culture of Mexico embraces visitors before they even sit down to enjoy the cuisine.

The natural addition, according to Delgado, is to showcase the taco. He explained that on the streets of Mexico, taco carts often represent “the creativity and the passion of the people who do whatever it takes to make a living.”

The new taco cart mirrors the restaurant in its combination of Mexican art and authentic cuisine. One of the main inspirations behind the cart, Delgado said, is that “this taco cart is going to be like an exhibit itself, an art piece, similar to what a mural or a sculpture would be showcased in a gallery.”

Mobile taco vendors are not a foreign concept to us Californians, but Mayahuel’s goes above and beyond the standard street fare. Featuring a full menu of various meats, flavors and styles, the taco cart embraces fresh ingredients to give customers the most authentic and delicious product they can. This ties in to the farm-to-fork movement currently taking over downtown Sacramento, and Delgado said he’s excited to “jump on that whole ‘freshness’ thing.”

Delgado described the taco cart as a sort of catering service, where unique flavor combinations can be designed around clients’ specifications. If you think the taco cart would be a great addition to your next private event, just talk to Ernesto Delgado to get the ball rolling.

In addition to being featured at various events, beginning August 13 the taco cart will have its own Taco Cart Tuesdays at Mayahuel, lasting from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. and offering happy hour prices. The late-night crowd can catch the same deal every Saturday night from 10:00 p.m. to midnight.

Tequila Museo Mayahuel is located downtown on 12th and K Streets.

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