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See Sacramento via Isaac Gonzalez

Isaac Gonzalez has been stirring up trouble on the Sac Press for a few years now – as a community contributor he won the 2011 Journalism Open, and this past year he served has one of our guest judges. He runs Ransacked media and also helps train a new generation of journalists through AccessLocal.TV. In June, Gonzalez took over as president of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association. Last week we handed him our Instagram account and asked to him to show us Sacramento through his own eyes.

Name: Isaac Gonzalez
Occupation: youth media consultant
Neighborhood: Tahoe Park

SP: How long have you lived here?

IG: My whole life, all 32 years of it.

I call Tahoe Park home now, but I was raised in this house in South Sacramento on 64th Ave.

SP: Why have you stayed?

IG: Sacramento has afforded me more opportunities than I could have ever wanted. It’s just large enough for me that it feels like a proper city, with all the benefits that come with that, but not so large that it doesn’t feel like a community. I couldn’t imagine calling any other place home.

SP: Name your top three spots in your neighborhood.

the neighborhood were I live with my wife, daughter and two dogs

IG: My favorite spots in my neighborhood are Tahoe Park itself, where you can find me jogging in the morning quite often, Cafe Lumiere, which is a great spot for breakfast and lunch or a cup of coffee, and French Po-Boys One, where you can get a really good sandwich for what seems to be a ridiculous value.

SP: What’s the best season to spend in Sacramento, and why?

IG: In Sacramento, it’s hot or it’s cold. Mild days, or any stretch of mild days that is, are a real blessing. I definitely prefer days over 80 degrees to days below 60. Sacramento also looks better in the warmer months as all the trees are green.

Sunset in Tahoe Park #seesacramento via @ransackedmedia

SP: Where is your favorite spot in Sac to enjoy the outdoors and why?

IG: Currently, my favorite place to enjoy outdoor is the Sacramento Zoo. We have a family membership, so you’ll often find my wife and I there with our two-year-old daughter, Madeline. She always insists on riding the carousel that looks like Nemo.

SP: When is your “happy hour” and where do you spend it?

IG: I don’t "happy hour" much anymore. When I last did, you could find me at Track 7. When I next do, it will be there again.

SP: On Friday or Saturday night we’d find you…

IG: My Friday and Saturday nights are spent watching Pixar movies with Madeline.

I do venture Downtown as well. #seesacramento via @ransackedmedia

SP: On a Sunday afternoon we’d find you…

IG: On Sunday afternoon you’ll find me in the yard, with dirt under my fingernails and sweat dripping off my forehead.

SP: Describe our city in 15 words or less.

IG: A place where anyone who wants to make their mark, can.

This is one of my best friends, Rose. At 94-years-young, she still works daily in her cactus garden near East Portal Park.

SP: I’m a tourist. What are the top three things I shouldn’t miss during my stay?

IG: Visit William Land Park, the Sacramento Museum, and the Capitol.

SP: Name one of Sacramento’s “hidden gems” – this could be a place, person, business, etc. What makes this a gem?

IG: One of Sacramento’s hidden gems, well known to its regulars however, is La Esperanza Bakery on Franklin. Best Mexican Pan Dulce in town. Go early in the morning and get a warm pumpkin empanada, or a marranito to dip in your coffee.

La Esperanza makes the best Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread) in town, hands down. #seesacramento via @ransackedmedia

SP: What conversation are you a part of, and why is it important?

IG: I’m currently listening to the ideas and concerns of my neighbors in Tahoe Park. I was elected President of our Neighborhood Association this past June, and it’s been a rewarding experience so far as I continuously try to find new opportunities to make our community a positive place for all of its residents.

Our Food Truck Expos are on the 4th Wednesday on the month through October. #seesacramento via @ransackedmedia

SP: Anything else?

IG: I know that I’ve been polarizing at times, and some think that I don’t want Sacramento to progress. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I want Sacramento to thrive for decades more than anything else. From Sheldon Road to Elkhorn Boulevard, Pocket Road to South Watt Avenue, and everything inbetween.

Looking towards Tahoe Park from seven stories up. #seesacramento via @ransackedmedia

This week follow SARTA’s Laura Good over at the @sacramentopress Instagram.

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