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American Idol Live and Pop Culture

“American Idol” has captivated many Americans’ homes for the past 12 seasons, beginning in 2002, when Kelly Clarkson was the first “American Idol” winner. Contestants on the show strive for great stage presence, looks and of course the voice to really take viewers by storm. American Idol Live! at Sleep Train Arena this past Monday, July 22, showcased the top 11 “American Idol” contestants performing medleys of pop songs, and introduced the top contestants’ new singles.

Candice Glover, the winner of American Idol’s season 12

Candice Glover was this year’s American Idol and performed “I Am Beautiful,” her debut single that all girls who lack self-confidence or have been put down should take a listen to. Glover expressed how she battled with body image issues growing up, and this single reflects how she’s overcome them in an industry where rejection and self-scrutiny is infinite. Her heartfelt single was a great reminder to women to feel beautiful despite what others say. Kree Harrison was the runner-up of Season 12, and played the guitar to her new single “All Cried Out.”

Aubrey Cleland and Angie Miller on stage together

Angie Miller is an 18-year-old singer and songwriter reminiscent of a Taylor Swift on the rise, talented on both the piano and the guitar. This girl introduced two of her original songs “You Set Me Free” and “Put It On Me.” Since coming on the show, she’s landed a record deal with Red Decibel.

Amber Holcomb, who placed fourth in this year’s contest, and Aubrey Cleland, who placed eleventh, are two stunners to also watch for in the future. They have great stage presence, and both contestants are singers and models. Holcomb really knows how to move in her stilettos while performing. According to an article from Oregon Live, Cleland will be moving to Los Angeles to try to further her career as a model or singer. She’s talented, whether it’s taking the lead or doing harmonies as a backup singer.

Aubrey Cleland takes the stage at Sleep Train Arena

“American Idol” helps contestants develop their stage presence and voice by performing popular songs, but it’s always interesting to see who goes above and beyond to further develop their career as a singer after the show. After this American Idol Live! tour ends in August, it’ll be intriguing to see where all these talented singers, songwriters and models launch their career in the music industry.

“American Idol” website: http://www.americanidol.com/
American Idol Live! 2013 tour: http://www.americanidol.com/tour

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