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Photo mural at 9th and L Streets for immigration reform

Wall along L St is plastered with large photos of people.

People were lined up to have their pictures taken in the late morning and early afternoon at 9th and L Streets. Inside Out Project 11M had their photo truck parked along the sidewalk where they were working.

Inside Out’s photo-making truck parked along where the mural was being created.
Photographer Phil Kemp was there when they first started taking peoples’ pictures and plastering them onto the brick building.

(audio courtesy of Phil Kemp)

Thomas Dodson holds the large image of himself that was plastered on the wall along L St.
The day’s project started on the corner of the wall at 9th and L Streets.
People held their photos until they were ready to be pasted to the wall.
Some helped brush the wallpaper-type paste to make their image stick.
I was there in the early afternoon and came back later as they were winding down. They finished at 6pm.
The woman on the right watches her large photo come out.
The woman with the red hat watches as her image is stuck to the wall.
Some walked pass the photos, seemingly oblivious to what was going on.
This gap was the last space to be filled with photos around 5:15pm.
Inside Out Project 11M, according to the website, creates “a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike.”

"I’ve been a strong  supporter of immigration reform, especially the Asian-American,"  Andrew Midina  said. "Family integration has been a part of peace immigration for a lot a Asian-Americans, a chance to bring their families together."

"This is a great art exhibit that really illustrates the different faces of immigrants as Congress debates a pathway for citizenship for 11 million individuals," Tiffany Mok said.  "I think it’s really important to emphasize the community aspect of how immigration reform affects each of our communities and not just a theoretical debate in Congress."

Mok and Midina’s photos are displayed.

Each and everyone of us is the offspring of immigrants coming to America from another country, unless someone is 100% Native American.

More photos of yesterday’s project:

The corner of 9th and L Streets
Starting a second row of photos along 9th St.
Taking a picture with her smartphone.
Along L St. the Mayor’s photo is on upper right where just a portion of him shows.
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