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See Sacramento via Nicholas Wray

Nicholas Wray has been photographing Sacramento for almost seven years, when his job with a local engineering firm first brought him to the city.

“While I appreciate everything they did for me, frankly, the job was boring, ” said Wray.

So he left it, and set to work establishing himself as a photographer. His studio is located in the heart of downtown, on the corner of 10th and J streets. Wray said he he loves to shoot anything from food to industrial projects, so we gave him access to our Instagram account to see what he might come up with.

#goodmorning #sacramento from @nicholas_wray! #seesacramento

Name: Nicholas Wray
Occupation: Creative
Neighborhood: Downtown/Midtown

SP: You’ve been in Sacramento for seven years. Why have you stayed?

NW: Sacramento is a little big city; if you try hard enough at what you’re doing, someone might notice. That’s why I’m still here: I’m waiting for someone to notice.

SP: Where is your favorite spot in Sac to enjoy the outdoors and why?

NW: Any rooftop I can get on! I love being able to see for miles.

It’s pretty! #fields of #grass #seesacramento via @nicholas_wray

SP: What’s the best season to spend in Sacramento, and why?

NW: Spring and fall. I love the warm days and cool nights!

SP: When is your “happy hour” and where do you spend it?

Put a #boat on it. #sacramento #seesacramento via @nicholas_wray

NW: Tuesdays at Rubicon are my absolute favorite.

SP: On Friday or Saturday night we’d find you…

NW: Concerts in the Park on Fridays. Saturdays perhaps hopping from one amazing bar to the next looking for the best bourbon drinks!

SP: On a Sunday afternoon we’d find you…

NW: Brunch at Lucky Cafe or Fox & Goose, then strolling around town to check out what’s new at the boutiques, etc.

#seesacramento via @nicholas_wray #4thonthefield #sacramento

SP: Describe our city in 15 words or less.

NW: Sacramento is the center of the universe.

SP: I’m a tourist. What are the top three things I shouldn’t miss during my stay?

Nothing a little pressure washing won’t fix! #downtown #sacramento @nicholas_wray

NW: 1. Concerts in the Park (FREE + beer). 2. The food, which is amazing almost anywhere (my favorite burger is at Ella). 3. The Midtown/Downtown Grid—walk or bike it (if you see something stop and check it out).

SP: Name one of Sacramento’s “hidden gems” – this could be a place, person, business, etc. What makes this a gem?

NW: Sacramento Pipeworks. If you don’t have any friends, it’s almost impossible to not make any there.

A #subliminal #message. @pipeworksclimbing #sacramento #climber #climb #seesacramento via @nicholas_wray

SP: What conversation are you a part of, and why is it important?

NW: Creativity. There’s so much of it around. People are working hard to give YOU something to do. Keep your eyes and mind open to new/different things because everyday is your chance to experience life in this city in a way nobody else in the world can.

Check out this #mural in #downtown #sacramento! #drbove @sacramentospace #seesacramento via @nicholas_wray

SP: Anything else?

NW: I’m working to create 9,000 sq/ft of creative space for our artist community. Let me know if you want to get involved!

Giving a #tour of @sacramentospace to a #musician! #sacramento #art #scene @nicholas_wray

This week Turn Downtown Around’s Demetri Gregorakis will taking over the @sacramentopress Instagram. Want to nominate someone for the series? Email feedback [at] sacramentopress.com with “See Sacramento” in the subject line.

Allison Joy associate edits and community manages the Sac Press. She is also the resident pirate. Follow her on twitter, or email arrrrrgh [at] sacramentopress.com

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