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Sacramento County ranks #8 in population, yet #6 in cancer deaths

Meet Dr. Demise, the face of cancer

Looking at cancer statistics is usually painful, but someone has to talk about it. So I started studying 2012 statistics published by the American Cancer Society, who I take to be a serious organization that does scientific research and is not just a group of bloggers who make stuff up. I’ve always known that the city’s air pollution is one of the worst in the country. According to the American Lung Association’s 2013 report, Sacramento ranks number 6 worst city in America for ozone pollution.

The good news is cancer is decreasing overall in California, but the number of cancer deaths in Sacramento County was an estimated 2,280 in 2012 (based on projected data), making it the 6th worst county in the state, despite being the 8th most populated. In all fairness, Sacramento and Santa Clara, the home of Silicon Valley, are tied for sixth place. The most cancer-free county in the state is Alpine, located in the Sierra Nevadas with a population of about 1,200. Is it just a coincidence that this rural area btween Tahoe and Yosemite has almost zero instances of cancer deaths? 

Many times mainstream corporate media paints cancer as a mystery disease with no cure, even though there’s plenty of information that points to the reality that cancer is caused mainly by large corporations and other entities that get to pollute the environment while the government seems more busy working on doing favors for corporations. Recent studies have shown that there have actually been decreases in tumor cases near the Rancho Seco area now that the nuclear power plant has been shut down for a few decades. Just a coincidence? Perhaps regulating and reducing monster polluters does make a difference after all. 

Things are changing and it appears that California is one of the safer states to avoid cancer, assuming you don’t live in smoggy crowded places like Los Angeles, which topped the state’s cancer charts at 13,505 cancer deaths last year. The four other counties that beat Sacramento in this deadly category were San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino (of course). 

The biggest cause of cancer has been from cigarette smoking, thanks to corporations who are allowed to commit "mass murder in slow motion." It seems that as long as a company trades on the stock market, it’s not a priority for the government to crack down on them for poisoning the environment with toxic trash. And as long as this corporate loophole for mass murder takes place over a long time frame, it’s not a big concern unless the class action lawsuits get too stacked. 

It’s interesting that only 13% of the population still falls for the corporate prank of cigarettes, which do nothing good for any individual except trick them into feeling relaxed, which anyone can do more safely simply by taking deep breaths, assuming it’s in a relatively clean air environment. Nationally, about 19% of Americans are still puppets of these deadly tobacco companies, but the number has been declining since the 1960s when it was over 40%.

Cigarettes rose to popularity partly thanks to Hollywood movie corporations that promoted smoking as sexy and glamorous back in the 50s though the 70s. Kids were exposed to all kinds of cigarette TV commercials throughout this era, including Flintstone cartoon commercials that promoted sucking these deadly cancer sticks. But since then lots of regulations have been put in place to censor tobacco from mass advertising, which obviously has worked, much like how mandatory safety belts in cars starting in 1965 has dramatically reduced traffic deaths. Meanwhile, despite the deregulation of marijuana, it’s still illegal, yet a 2006 UCLA study on 1200 humans concluded that pot likely does not cause cancer and even supresses cancer cells.

Yet tobacco companies are still allowed to commit "mass murder in slow motion," as are chemical companies, fast food companies, oil companies, pharma companies and a whole list of other environmentally unfriendly industries that hide behind the mask of  "capitalism." Corporations have a way of accusing the concerned public of being "socialists" if too many health conscious individuals demand regulation, even though the original goal of capitalism was not to pollute the environment, treat workers like slaves, commit lots of fraud or sell people food and soft drinks laced with chemicals that cause tumors. 

As bad as cigarettes are, there are many other causes of cancer that originate from, you guessed it, big corporations. WebMD says that 90% of the smog in Sacramento is caused by vehicles such as cars, trucks, busses and trains. Even though the region has reduced ozone pollution almost in half since 2000, the rapidly expanding population still presents an ongoing problem. Fast food is a big offender that can be found all over town, whereas searching for healthy organic food is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The American Cancer Society says obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to the deadly disease. Another growing concern is the growing mountain of evidence that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) found in about 80% of America’s food supply, have been shown to cause tumors in lab rats, which is why GMOs are starting to be banned in several countries around the world.

So far the only counties in California to ban GMO harvesting are Marin, Mendocino and Trinity. When is Sacramento County going to join the list? SacTV.com is currently researching these issues to find out how we can accelerate the decrease in cancer fatalities. 

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