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See Sacramento via Eric Ullrich

Last week we handed over our Instagram account to Eric Ullrich, seeing as he could probably hack into on it his own anyway. Ullrich is the co-founder of Hacker Lab, a coworking, creation and educational space in Midtown. Looking to learn how to use a 3D printer, or room to create an app that save lives? Hacker Lab is your place.

Contrary to what Hollywood might have you believe, hacking isn’t really all about remotely wiping hard-drives or breaking into government databases. At it’s heart, it’s about a drive to learn, to tinker and tweak in search of new ways of doing things. Don’t take my word for it though – see Sacramento, through the eyes of one of our own local hackers.

Happy Monday and good afternoon all. Get ready to #seesacramento via @eullrich

Name: Eric Ullrich
Occupation: Co-founder of Hacker Lab
Neighborhood: Woodland and Midtown

SP: How long have you lived here?

EU: I grew up in Woodland, but I never really explored Sacramento until moved to Midtown in 2010.

SP: Why have you stayed?

EU: My family lives in the area, that’s been a big reason. After I graduated college, I couldn’t find a job, so I moved back in with the fam and started figuring out what’s next. Traveling wasn’t really in the cards, so I opted to plant my roots and grow right here.

Evening walk. I grew up playing ball in this park. #seesacramento via @eullrich

SP: Where is your favorite spot in Sac to enjoy the outdoors and why?

EU: There are so many sweet spots all over. The parks – Capital Park, Land Park, and McKinley Park are all amazing. Of course it’s cool to be right smack in the middle of Nor Cal, so exploring all the areas around is always a sweet option.

SP: What’s the best season to spend in Sacramento, and why?

EU: It seems like all the seasons have something cool and unique to offer. I like long sunny days, so summer might top the list.

SP: When is your “happy hour” and where do you spend it?

EU: I’m not a huge happy hour aficionado, but I recently tried the oysters at Blackbird, and have to say they’re a pretty sweet deal and super tasty.

SP: On Friday or Saturday night we’d find you…

EU: I don’t really do the same thing too often. I’m probably relaxing and unwinding somewhere in the city or surrounding neighborhoods.

SP: On a Sunday afternoon we’d find you…

EU: Possibly sleeping on the couch, reading a book, hiking a mountain, riding my bike, or playing golf.

Mmmm coffee :). @oldsoulco’s El Salvador “fruit bomb of coffee” #seesacramento via @eullrich

SP: Describe our city in 15 words or less.

EU: A cool place to be 🙂

SP: I’m a tourist. What are the top three things I shouldn’t miss during my stay?

EU: You should definitely check out Old town and all the history there. Sutter’s Fort also has some really cool history. I’d also walk around Capital Park and see the cool surrounding architecture.

Jammin!!! At @unseenheros house opening party. Yehaw! #seesacramento via @eullrich

SP: Name one of Sacramento’s “hidden gems” – this could be a place, person, business, etc. What makes this a gem?

EU: I’m going to go with the American River Parkway. Taking the bike out on that is sometimes like stepping into a new world. It’s definitely a ride worth experiencing.

SP: What conversation are you a part of, and why is it important?

EU: There’s a TON of really cool things going on in our city right now. From the local food movement that the Mayor and Greenwise is leading up, to the new arena project and the big name developers that that’s attracting, to LAUNCH, and all the cool artists that’s bringing in. It’s really exciting.

Soo excited to for this event – Women Who Mean Business Awards – put on by Sac Business Journal. These women mean business!!

And of course I can’t leave out Hacker Lab and our focus to support the entrepreneurship, technology, and education communities.

Entrepreneurs are the driving force in our society that lead the way we interact culturally and with our environment. We’re focused on making it easier for entrepreneurs to find one another and get access to resources that help them on their journey.

Technology: everything is changing so fast, even the speed that things are changing! We’re building a big space that supports user groups and provides access to tools that help people innovate.

Education: This in part ties into the other two topics. We’re building a community of lifelong learners, and encouraging and supporting new learning environments.

Jammin HTML5 class @sachackerlab. #seesacramento via @eullrich

SP: Anything else?

EU: It’s been fun sharing my life with you over the last week. I’d love to meet you in person. If you ever have a chance, come visit at 1715 I st. I’m here pretty much all the time.

Right now Trisha Rhomberg, owner of Bows & Arrows, is on the @sacramentopress Instagram – check her out.

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