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Top local LGBT podcast “Instant Gratification” starts weekly LIVE international broadcast

After a great performance in this previous weekend’s 5th Annual Pride 48 live broadcast event, local LGBT-produced internet radio show (or “podcast”) Instant Gratification has been selected to begin a weekly live broadcast through the Pride 48 network, an international broadcast network of LGBT and LGBT-friendly shows. Going live every Wednesday at 7:30 PM PST starting this Wednesday the 26th, Instant Gratification will be bringing its signature mix of humor, pop culture, current events, and music to a live international audience with rich interaction via social media (primarily via their Facebook and Twitter pages) and a dedicated chat room at www.pride48.com.

The Instant Gratification Podcast has also been invited to participate in the Pride 48 live broadcasting event hosted at The Excalibur in Las Vegas, NV during the first weekend of September, in which they have confirmed participation alongside many other top international LGBT shows.

For more information on Instant Gratification, past shows, and to subscribe to their free podcast feed via iTunes or any other podcast application, check www.igpodcast.com


The Instant Gratification Podcast is Sacramento, CA’s premier LGBT comedy podcast, updating weekly online via their website at igpodcast.com and anywhere else podcasts are distributed (including iTunes and Stitcher Radio), bringing a mix of information, irreverence, and just plain ridiculousness all peppered with their very own brand of comedy. Local community members Luke Miller, Edward Nelson, and Blair Prout are the show’s hosts and production team, and have been producing the show off and on in various forms for about seven years.

More information can be found at www.igpodcast.com


Pride 48 is a free resource for any GLBT or GLBT-friendly content producer. We allow independent producers to connect to our server and stream live shows for their listeners. Additionally, when live content is not being streamed we play GLBT-friendly content and music from independent artists. The station is supported by a combination of listener donations and volunteer work from the community. More information can be found at www.pride48.com

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