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Frill Seeker x Vivid Venus

This past week I met with Giana Galati, a local jewelry designer who has taken the Sacramento scene by storm. I originally saw her designs while checking out the Davis Flea Market and loved the edgy metal pieces she created.

After spending time with and getting to know Giana, I admired her craft and passion as a jewelry designer. She said, “I like the challenge of creating something that is fit for the human body.” I never thought of jewelry as an art, but more along the lines of high fashion. She shared with me that she creates all her pieces from raw materials (like large sheets of bronze) and does all the cutting and assembling herself. I admire Giana’s craftsmanship and her ability to create all her jewelry from scratch, and it was awesome to learn about her process.

Frill Seeker: How long have you been designing your own line?

Vivid Venus: Over four years.

FS: What inspired Vivid Venus?

VV: Shapes and the elegance they create when placed framing the face and adorning the body.

FS: How would your describe your style and image?

VV: Some of my pieces are sassy, some of them sweet and some encompass a bit of both.

FS: I love your metalwork; what inspires these designs and wacky bronze shapes?

VV: Sacred geometry used like color therapy. Did you know a square represents form and structure as a triangle represents intention and experience? At least in a universal way. Otherwise I fabricate whatever I dream up in my head. Whatever vamps me into an aesthetic state.

FS: What interests do you have other than making jewelry?

VV: I’m known to play music at times …

FS: Where can we find your designs?

VV: www.vividvenus.com
Although the website is currently undergoing some changes, you can always find Vivid Venus on Etsy. Local shops include Bows and Arrows, Racks, and Flywheel.

I loved connecting with a local jewelry designer and practically drooled over her vast Vivid Venus collection. She will be participating in Maker’s Mart this Sunday, June 23. Maker’s Mart will be in the alley next to Bows and Arrows at 1815 19th Street. I’ll be attending this awesome event, and hope to see you all there to check out all awesome vendors from the Sacramento area!


Frill Seeker

▲ FAN PAGE + http://www.facebook.com/vividvenusjewelry
▲ BLOG + http://vividvenus.tumblr.com/
▲ PINTEREST + http://pinterest.com/missggg/▲
▲ TWITTER + https://twitter.com/GGjive
▲ MOOD BOARD + http://instagram.com/vividvenus

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