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Vintage magazines live on at California Loan and Jewelry

Vintage display at 916 J Street

Printed magazines have begun to fade from pop culture due to the internet, which is why out of print issues with interesting covers may become more valuable. Warren Anapolsky, co-owner of California Loan and Jewelry at 916 J Street, told SacTV.com in a video interview that  the magazines are not for sale and are only on display through July 31. The reason for this display is that the family owned jewelry store that overlooks Cesar Chavez Park likes to give back to the community when they can. These vintage magazines that date back to World War II come from a collection that belongs to a friend of the owners. Familiar faces on these covers include Steve Jobs, The Beatles and Marilyn Monroe. 

Each of the magazines in some way or another captures a snapshot of history. The magazines are all in nice condition. Warren says he’s not an expert on pricing, but he thinks certain rare out of print magazines can be worth a lot of money. Old newspapers with famous headlines are usually not worth as much, partly because of the heavy circulation of newspapers that reduces the likelihood of rare issues. Magazines, however, seem to be more collectible, especially if it’s something like the first issue of Playboy with Marilyn Monroe on the cover, which is one of the store’s display items. Another rare magazine is the first issue of MacWorld with Steve Jobs on the cover. Most of these magazine covers appeal to baby boomers who grew up from the fifties through the seventies and younger people who like nostalgia.

In the SacTV interview Warren talks about the store’s history that goes back over one hundred years. The store was originally started by Warren’s grandfather and twin brother in 1909 on Third Street. The brothers ran the business through the late forties and then the next generation took over. Warren and his brother have run the business together as third generation owners since 1973. The store has attracted steady business over the decades selling diamonds and other jewels. In the past three years the business has done well with gold, although the demand has tapered off in recent months. The shop also sells used acoustic and electric guitars, as well as toys, baseball cards, sports jerseys and championship rings.

One of the keys to the longevity of this family business is that the owners care about treating their customers well so that they will come back and tell other friends about it. The store has gained a lot of respect with generations of customers who have interests in jewelry, vintage items and loans. The shop is small but easy to find on J Street between 9th and 10th Streets a few doors down from the Citizen Hotel. It’s a fun extra place to visit when you go to Farmer’s Markets or the Friday night Concerts in the Park series. 

Vintage magazines provide us with memories of meaningful periods in history. Even though magazines are shrinking in size and circulation due to paper costs and better internet cost efficiency, they still play a part in documenting pop culture. Society may never go completely paperless, but it’s clear that mass production of magazines and other print materials peaked in the past decade and it’s unlikely publishers will return to that era’s output. The vintage magazine display at California Loan and Jewelry is a reminder of the changing times we live in as well as artifacts that live on and stimulate conversations about how pop culture has evolved over the decades. 

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