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Pitbull Takes the Stage At Sleep Train Arena

Pitbull came to the Sacramento Sleep Train Arena on Thursday, June 13. Having been to many concerts, I can officially say without a doubt that his was the best one I have ever been to.Pitbull is not only an amazing entertainer, but a smart one as well.

The Justice Crew was the first group to perform, and I have to say they really blew me away. This all-male group comes from Australia and mixes hip-hop dancing with pop music. While they did perform a lot of covers to popular songs, they also gave us a taste of their own single, “Boom Boom,” which is currently in the iTunes store.

The real wow factor with this group is their dance moves. Not only are they super creative, bringing moves to the stage I had never seen before, but they were also perfectly synchronized. From using one of their bandmates as a human jump rope, to using the basic human pyramid idea to create a bicycle that they proceeded to ride onstage, the Justice Crew captured the entire audience’s attention. The last song they performed was their own, in which the ending had them all performing a backflip in perfect sync. I really would go back just to see them.

The next act on stage was a DJ group known as the Jump Smokers. At first I was skeptical because honestly, after the Justice Crew a DJ seemed like a letdown. But I have to say that these guys were also amazing. They started off with simple songs that everyone knew, like “Party Rock Anthem” from LMFAO, but then built up momentum. Every song was a great choice and they all flowed together perfectly. By the end,everyone in the place was on their feet and dancing.

This just goes to show how smart a performer Pitbull really is. Both groups mentioned that they had been picked by him to go on this tour. I had amazing seats, but I found myself thinking it would have been worth the price to be in the front row. Both of these opening acts really set the stage and increased the energy level for Pitbull.

When Pitbull did come out, the crowd literally went wild. Sleep Train Arena is a huge place, so often when I go to concerts I am not surprised that there are some sections that are empty. This wasn’t the case for this concert. He had so many fans that it was packed. He started off with some of his better-known songs, but it wasn’t till the middle of his performance that the magic really happened.

Pitbull started talking about all the diversity that was in the crowd that evening. He listed off Latin American countries one by one, and I watched as some in the crowd raised their country’s flag. The energy level grew exponentially when he got to Mexico. Everyone started stamping their feet and cheering loudly. I found myself swept up in the pride that everyone showed. Then Pitbull started singing some of his songs in Spanish. All around the stadium you saw people start to do the salsa or the cha-cha from their seats. I won’t lie; I was definitely one of those people. You just got caught up in the passion of the music and the rhythm of the beat. There was no room for self-consciousness; there was only the music.

This concert was so well-planned. Every song led perfectly into another. I had not realized until I heard some of my old favorite songs just how much of a Pitbull fan I actually was. And to kick off singing some of these crowd favorites from the past, Pitbullfirst started with “Back in Time” from the “Men in Black”soundtrack. This was so smart because he could fluidly go into songs like “Hotel Room Service” and “I Know You Want Me(Calle Ocho).”

He finished off the night with one of his newest hits, “Feel This Moment.” And at the end of that song, he showered the entire place with confetti. A little-known fact about me is that I have always wanted to be showered in confetti. Given that I am not on a reality show or “The Price is Right,” I figured this would never happen. So while others were dodging that stuff like the Matrix, I was reveling in it. It was the perfect end to the night.

All I have to say is thank you, Pitbull. A lot of your songs were ones played at my school dances. They were the ones I learned to dance to. You put on an amazing show from start to finish. To any of you who have the chance to go see him live, take it. He was definitely worth seeing.  

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