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Jimmy’s brings ‘a new breed of barber shop’ to Midtown

A large black and white portrait of a young man with a wide smile and focused eyes is painted on the back wall of Jimmy’s Barber Garage. That is the late Jimmy Green, the namesake of the recently opened Midtown barbershop.

Although he was a pharmacist and never cut hair, Jimmy is the new shop’s namesake because his son Terry Green and his daughter, Renee Green, want to run their business like Jimmy ran his – serving the community with personal care. The father and daughter will make sure the customer’s experience at Jimmy’s is a top priority.

“We want the customers to feel good here. I think we’ve accomplished that,” Terry said.

On June 8, Jimmy’s Barber Garage officially opened for business with a grand opening party and will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 13. The shop is for men and women and the website distinctly says “we don’t discriminate,” meaning that pricing is not based on gender but the length of hair before the cut.

“Most barbershops are mainly for guys. Well here, we’re gender neutral…we want women to feel comfortable here, just as much as guys,” Terry said.

Like the Spanish Fly Hair Garage, Capitol Barber Shop or Executive Men’s Hair Care, Jimmy’s is another addition to keeping Midtown’s ears lowered. “While we already have great barber shops in Midtown, Jimmy’s represents a new breed of barber shop that infuses culture, music, and style into their business model,” said Elizabeth Studebaker who is the Executive Director of the Midtown Business Association and will be speaking at the ribbon-cutting.

With a staff of two barbers and three stylists, Jimmy’s also offers straight razor shaves, hair coloring and anything else that is expected from a high-end salon or barbershop.

Hair is not all they care about at Jimmy’s. While waiting, customers can type whatever is on their minds on a typewriter that will be placed on a table in the waiting room. It serves as a way to make customers feel more comfortable and occupied while waiting. Terry describes it as “an old-school blog.”

The walls are adorned with a collage that covers most of the shop’s walls, put together by Renee with pictures from magazines of celebrities and athletes. Art from local artists hangs from the shop’s walls and will be for sale – with the commission from sales being donated to charity.

Instead of a traditional door next to a large window, Terry opted to keep the two roll-up doors that have been with the building since it was an auto garage in 1947. On warmer days, the doors will be rolled up to let in fresh air and give the shop more of a communal feeling.

“We’re very much community oriented…we’ll continue to be that way as long as we’re able to keep our doors open,” Terry said. “We want to provide a quality experience that’s memorable, affordable, and enjoyable.”

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