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14th Annual “Cast & Crew Call” – Make a Movie This Summer!

Join us on Wednesday May 22 at 6 PM sharp for the 14th "Place Called Sacramento Film Festival – Cast & Crew Call". Curious and want to know more?

Professional judges have been reviewing the "PCS" script entries. Each is ten minutes or less, and a family friendly story, with a theme and characters that shed insight on what it is like to live in a place called Sacramento. All are character and dialogue driven but range widely in subject matter. Want to see what has been produced in the past? Go to www.AccessSacramento.org and watch films from the past several years.

Now the 2013 judges have selected ten for production and the writers now evolve into producers, eager to see their film come to life on the big screen at the Crest Theater October 6. But filmmaking is a collaborative art form and requires a team of dedicated actors, technicians, helpers, drivers, "craft services" to feed the crew, make-up artists, location scouts, and more – they need YOU! Many positions require skill, many more require caring people eager to help. From previous feedback, some of the best cast & crew members attended "C&CC" not knowing how they might help. They just were curious about filmmaking and wanted to participate in some way.

On Wednesday night about 200 of these hearty souls gather in the courtyard of the Coloma Center (4623 T Street) and listen to each of the ten writers (now producers), explain their stories, characters and what help they need. After all ten have finished their presentations, the audience is invited to come and meet each filmmaker and offer their help. Additionally, Access Sacramento creates a brief video of each person in attendance with their contact information. These short "video head shots" are edited onto one DVD and each of the ten filmmakers are given a copy for future reference.

By 8:30 PM, each film project has a list of people wanting to help and the summer long film production process has begun. Not all positions are filled by the end of the evening but contacts have been made and casting is usually completed within 2 weeks of the event.

Come join in the fun… if you have background info or photos you want to share, bring them. But most folks just attend to introduce themselves and their interest in making films here in their hometown. Sound like you? Join us Wednesday at 6 PM for the 14th "Cast & Crew Call" and we will "see you in the movies". Further questions? Call 456-8600 ext. 0.

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