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‘Taste, Review & Brew’ at New Helvetia Brewing Company

The Sacramento craft beer industry is growing more robust by the year, becoming a facet of the city that residents can take pride in – and visitors should take note of. Rubicon and Sudwerk helped put us on the map, and now new microbreweries such as Ruhstaller, Knee Deep, Track 7 and New Helvetia are working to enrich our scene, with the potential to make it a defining characteristic of the city. Chase down your farm-to-fork dinner with a local brew – what’s not to love?

Whether you are an über beer nerd, or simply love a cold one on a hot Sacramento day, our Sacramento Beer Writer wants to help you get the most out of your brew experiences. Join us at New Helvetia Brewing Company, 1730 Broadway, at 6:30 p.m. on May 29 for “Taste, Review and Brew,” when we’ll cover all the bases of beer. Food will be provided courtesy of Broderick’s.

First, you’ve got to know how to drink it. During the free tasting, New Helvetia brewmaster Brian Cofresi will talk you through the nuances of a stout, a lager and an IPA, and how to judge each beer as you drink it.

“First, ask yourself, ‘is this beer in my all-time top ten favorite beers?’ Then, how well does the beer you’re evaluating fit into the classic style it’s supposed to be. So if you’re drinking a Vienna-style beer, how close does it actually come to that classic style? Third, I’ll go back and re-taste the beer to see if there are any nuances or complexities that I may have overlooked in the initial taste.”

Brian Cofresi

Think you can handle that? Cofresi will be on hand to tell you what all of this looks like – or, more appropriately, what it tastes like – during the tasting.

Tyler Martin pours all of his free time into Sac-On-Tap, an in-progress informational site designed to inform craft beer lovers when and where they can find their favorite beers.

According to Martin, “The most important thing to remember when reviewing a beer is the type you’re drinking. You need to have an understanding of how the beer is supposed to affect your senses to get the most out of it.”

Tim Clark has been running Brew, Ferment, Distill (BFD) for almost three years. A brew hobbyist up until then, he opened his shop because he thought many Sacramentans, including himself, would brew more often if the supplies were made readily available. He’ll bring those supplies to New Helvetia for a tutorial on how to get the best of your homebrewing experience.

Tim Clark

“Brewing is artisanal,” says Clark. “You’re basically creating flavors, and there are no wrong answers. Don’t overthink it; don’t trip on it. I find beer to be very forgiving.”

One of our own Sacramento Beer Writers, Patricia Willers, has been putting pen to page on the intricacies of beer for three years. She has been homebrewing for over six. 

“When homebrewing, cleanliness is more important than you can imagine,” she advises. “Also, when fermenting, imagine where you would want to be stored if you were aging peacefully- in a dark place with a stable temperature.”

Whether you fancy yourself an expert, or are a novice just dipping a toe into the craft beer pool, come over to New Helvetia on May 29. Have a beer, eat some food, mingle with our experts – and most importantly, get ready for a summer filled with delicious brews made right here in Sacramento, or perhaps your very own home.

Tickets are $20 presale online and $25 at the door, though we can’t guarantee day-of availability. One ticket gets you:

  • through the door and in a seat
  • a tasting courtesy of New Helvetia
  • a brew tutorial courtesy of BFD
  • a slider and fries courtesy of Broderick’s

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