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Charlie Fuller, Condo Casanova, is outmatched in “Moving Mountains”

Who says life and love end at some arbitrary age? Not Charlie Fuller who, at 67 and much to his proper daughter Elaine’s embarrassment, has not yet “clicked off.” EMH Productions is happy to bring a light romantic comedy to the stage to end the series of shows dealing with love and relationships, ranging from the incomprehensible (“My Fellow Creatures”) to the darkly tragic (“Liar”) and the tragically funny (“Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead”). “Moving Mountains” by Lawrence Roman, is a light romantic comedy playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 pm. and 7:00 p.m. through May 19th at Sacramento’s Geery Theatre at 2130 L Street.

"Imagine a man, his name is Charlie, he’s 67 and he is becoming the Casanova of the condo complex that he lives in. He chases the neighboring divorcees and widows and he seduces their psyches, urging them to see themselves as beautiful and vital, to start moving mountains in their lives." ~ Beth Ruyak, “Insight." Listen to the entire interview here.

“Moving Mountains” is the story of Charlie Fuller (Lonon Smith), a retired insurance man turned Neighborhood Casanova on the beaches of Santa Monica. Charlie has his share of friends with benefits but it’s not until a new neighbor, Polly Adamson (Scarlet O’Connor) moves in that he remembers what it truly means to fall in love. With some romantic entanglements from his daughter Elaine (Elise Hodge) romping through his apartment with Polly’s son Robert (Sean Williams), her nephew Mark (Corey Morris), and his lady friends (Deborah Shalhoub and Adriana Marmo), this romantic comedy reminds us all it’s never too late to love, laugh and live. In the end, just as Charlie advises Elaine, we all "need human skin to touch, breath to sense, someone to talk to in the middle of the night" – – and someone to love.

Get a sneak preview here

Lonon Smith gives us his take on Charlie, “Charlie is a part of the first cohort of Boomers. He’s left wing. Left wing for the ’60s was acid, psychedelic music, protest, sex after the pill, more dope than God could grow, and riots in the street that mocked authority while being thrown out of the house back home for being communists. Charlie partied hearty and got laid a lot before he got married. So now he’s in senior housing, a widower, and he likes his daughter but she can be in the way. He still carries with him the times that shaped him. Yes, Charlie likes women. He just likes women. But who he beds may be more selective. And, yes, he makes no demands, which makes it easier for them to make none in return, until he meets Polly that is . . .”

“Moving Mountains” resonates with people of all ages, including its much younger directors, E. Hodge and Amy Kelly. “When I first read this play, what struck me wasn’t the farce of it so much as the beauty in the message. I love that such a timeless piece of writing can remind us to not be so narrow and to see beyond our own limitation. My cast teases me about being a baby, and while I am coming on middle age, I no more feel it than someone at 67 feels their age,” said Hodge.” While Kelly reminds us, “You can leave the theatre without a heavy heart, that there are pieces out there that remind you that love prevails, that feelings and romance don’t dissipate as you grow older. This show inspired me to move mountains that have been in my life for ages. We hope it inspires you to move some of your own.” Catch this fun, romantic romp with a guy who always has a chilled bottle of champagne on hand and a wickedly fun woman with a witty comeback.

EMH Productions is also proud to support the Sacramento Senior Safe House with raffle ticket sales at each performance of “Moving Mountains.” The Senior Safe House provides safe harbor to seniors in need in a six-bedroom facility. Please join us in helping to house seniors in need of support.

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Video courtesy of Eric Baldwin


WHAT: "Moving Mountains" by Lawrence Roman

WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. until May 19

WHERE: The Geery Theatre, 2130 L St., midtown Sacramento

WHO: Featuring Lonon Smith, Scarlet O’Connor, Elise Hodge, Corey Morris, Sean Williams, Adriana Marmo, Deborah Shalhoub. Directed by E. Hodge and Amy Kelly and produced by Elise Marie Hodge and Peggi Wood.

TICKETS: emhpros.weebly.com

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