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PHOTOS: Code Pink vs NRA supporters on Capitol Mall

An anti-gun protest organized by the liberal advocacy group CodePink took place in Downtown Sacramento afternoon, drawing a counter protest from gun rights advocates.

Mother’s Against NRA and other anti-gun supporters gathered in front of the Five-Fifty-Five building on Capitol Mall, and were met on the sidewalk by National Rifle Association supporters.

Attendees stated that it was tense until the police stepped in and made the NRA group step back. Officers maintained a police line to keep the groups separated.

“I’m here because the shootings need to stop; I’m here working on this every single day,” said CodePink supporter Amanda Wilcox.

"This not an NRA issue," said NRA supporter Philip Olding "This is a freedom issue. This is a 2nd amendment issue."

CodePink had a permit for their protest, and members were allowed to utilize amplified sound. The NRA counter-protestors did not have a permit, but were allowed to stay. 

Code Pink supporters took their turn at the microphone, and after a few chants and songs they ended their protest and dispersed. Officers held a police line until the protesters were safely out of the area, then allowed NRA’ers to disperse.

Amanda Wilcox

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