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Frill Seeker: Local love from Bows and Arrows

This past Tuesday, May 7, I had the pleasure of meeting with Trisha Rhomberg, co-owner of Bows and Arrows, to do a shoot on the latest merchandise hitting the floor. I’ve always checked out Bows and Arrows for the variety of vintage, handmade and new items. I loved the funky eclectic vibe of the shop; you walk in and see stuff that is truly unique. When talking about personal style Trisha said, “Fashion should be fun … I was sick of being concerned about trends and what others thought about what I wore, I like to dress to have fun!” It reminded me of how everyone follows a trend, or tries to avoid the trend, when fashion shouldn’t be about trends, but be a form of self-expression. Fashion has always been an outlet for creativity, and a way to evoke my personality – it’s something I see through Trisha’s jewelry designs.

Outfit: lace top: Bows and Arrows, and handmade necklace by Trisha Rhomberg from Bows and Arrows.

I loved the enthusiasm Trisha has for her store, as well as for fashion. She designs and hand-makes her own dainty jewelry pieces sold in the shop. She upcycles random pieces and turns them into the perfect statement accessory to add to your outfit.

Outfit: crop top: Bows and Arrows, jellyfish leggings: Bows and Arrows, lip necklace: Madam Butterfly, layered necklace: Vivid Venus from Bows and Arrows, watch: Marc Jacobs, shoes: Cuffs.

They also have a ton of fun leggings hitting their floor. My favorites were the jellyfish graphic and white-fringed ones I posed in, with a crop top with “OUI!” printed in hot pink with hand-drawn mushrooms on the side. I loved this crop top so much that I bought it! It’s perfect to throw on with everything I wore on the shoot, whether it was leggings or shorts. Crops are so versatile for me. I also liked wearing the black leggings with white fringe embellishment going down the leg; they felt very flapper girl in legging form.

Outfit: crop top: Bows and Arrows, fringe leggings: Bows and Arrows, necklace: Bows and Arrows, shoes: Dolce Vita.

Bows and Arrows is also a café, art gallery and venue, on top of having a retail function. They will be hosting “Nerd Night” on Wednesday, May 15, dedicated to playing games of all kinds where you can enjoy drinks, good food and popsicles served in the café. Be sure to check out their events; there’s always fun things happening, from art shows to live music (be sure to check the links)!

Accessories: silver cuff: Bows and Arrows, alien ring (that I purchased): Bows and Arrows, necklace: Bows and Arrows by Vivid Venus.

If you liked what you saw above, check out their store at 1815 19th St., or online. Be sure to check out more fashion inspiration and local love on my Instagram account: @torikobayashi and blog: frillseeking. 

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Victoria Kobayashi

Victoria is a music and arts contributor reporting on live events and festivals happening throughout California. She was born and raised in Sacramento and recently graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Design and minoring in Professional Writing. Her hobbies include browsing through fashion blogs, photography, listening to new music, thrift store shopping and going on weekend road trips. She's always down for an adventure and meeting new people.

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