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Bicycles and Brew: Pedal to your next Beer

If you live in the Sacramento area, there is a good chance you have ridden your bike while commuting or for pleasure, and you have probably indulged in some locally made craft beer. Living in an area with an abundance of beautiful weather and locations to feed an appetite only increases the chance you have combined outdoor recreation with beer and cuisine. In honor of springtime in the Sacramento valley, why not hop on your bike and explore what’s brewing near you.

Biking and Beer offers a perfect yin and yang experience between the indoor and the outdoor, the intimate conversation that sharing a freshly poured pint encourages, and the freedom gained through traveling on a bicycle. Not only that, but you get to burn off all those calories you put on after indulging yourself, so it truly is a win-win situation. Now, I am in no way advocating riding a bicycle while under the influence. However, after making more than a few bicycle trips to Berryessa Brewing Company in Winters, and recently stopping by the Davis Beer Shoppe to taste a highly recommended Belgium pale ale, I can say without hesitation that moderate beer consumption followed by a bike ride puts one’s mind in a state of ultimate relaxation and well being. If you are looking to explore some new scenery and up for a quick train ride before you get on your bike, the Amtrak capital corridor train provides daily service between Davis and Sacramento for only $9. I recently hopped on a Sacramento bound train from Davis with my 1976 Schwinn Varsity in tow, and in fifteen minutes I had arrived at the Sacramento rail yards, and within short biking distance to a number of local breweries and pubs.

Whether you are in Sacramento, Davis, or another local destination, you can ride your bike to a plethora of places for exercise and the company of good friends and beer. Sacramento has already been dubbed “Americas Farm to Fork Capital,” and is experiencing a local brew movement as well with more craft breweries expected to open in the coming year. Some spots currently worth checking out in and around downtown include, Rubicon Brewery, River City Brewing, Hoppy Brewing Company, New Helvetia Brewing, Track 7, The Shack, Firestone Public House, Pangaea Two Brews Café and many other great locations. Davis is already known as a bike town and it continues to host locations with great beer on draft. Davis boasts the Davis Beer Shoppe, University of Beer, Sudwerk Restaurant and Brewery, Village Pizza & Grill, and The Graduate. The Davis Food Co-op, which already offers a stellar selection of locally and foreign made beer in cans and bottles, is now offering beer on tap to be enjoyed outside on their lovely patio. Pints of beer at the Co-op are currently $4.99 and cider is $5.99. You are also welcome to bring your own pint glass. Have you ever had beer on tap at a grocery store? I sure have not. Also looking ahead, a new Sacramento brewery is rumored to open in early 2014 called the “Big Sexy Brewing Company,” which, according to its Facebook page, is looking to secure a location within a few miles of Sacramento.

It appears that the craft beer movement is showing no signs of slowing down, so why not enjoy the beer renaissance on a bike, take in the breeze, and support your local community. I promise you will not regret it.


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