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Our original Elite Contributors: Alex Cosper

How’s your New Year’s resolution coming? 

Part of The Sacramento Press’s New Year’s resolution involved some new contributor rankings. We selected six Elite Contributors to pave the way. You’ve met Barry Wisdom, Nancy Flagg, and Kati Garner already. Now it’s time to learn a bit more about Elite Contributor Alex Cosper.

Cosper’s posts can almost be timed down to the minute. He posts his column reliably every Monday afternoon, which usually complements work and research he’s done for his own company, SacTV, and always incorporates a video interview. 

SP: How long have you been with The Sacramento Press?
AC: I’ve been writing articles for SacPress since April 2012.

SP: How did you get started with The Sac Press?
AC: I was interviewed by The Sac Press when my site SacTV.com was launched in December 2011. Then I had more convervations with people at the site and wound up writing weekly articles.

SP: What issues do you most enjoy covering, and why?
AC: My favorited topic is music, which I think is both a local and national issue. Since I also like to study economics, I explore the conditions for artists and entrepreneurs to have successful careers.

SP: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had covering something for The Sacramento Press?
AC: I enjoy writing about radio since that was my career for a few decades. One of the interview series I did that stands out as historic was when KZAP returned to KDVS. It was one of those events that doesn’t happen often and had people examining freeform radio.

SP: What do you enjoy about being a citizen journalist?
AC: I enjoy the idea of community voices coming together on a shared platform. We get a better variety of sources that way. Alllowing writers to do what they do best helps give The Sac Press and its contributors a great community image.

Read up on Alex Cosper’s weekly columns here

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