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Oleander is back with Something Beautiful for fans

 Once again I am patiently waiting outside Ace of Spades Nightclub on R Street for the doors to open. The excitement I’m holding inside is nauseating. I’m pumped, but there is something that is disturbing me this go-around.

It’s the small crowd that is waiting at the doors at 6:30, something A-typical for this type of show. This is the world famous Ace of Spades. For every assignment that I have requested and accepted at this place, the lines are crazy – by 6:00 p.m. reaching and wrapping around the block.

This was different. The crowd was more like a slow rising sea of people coming from the buildings of downtown, packing Ace of Spades. The pace was steady at mass but metered, coming in one by one, group by group.

The crowd is almost at capacity Everything is subdued. Openers God and Firecracker perform and exit in a blur.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate. I’m excited. Its been over ten years since Oleander has graced the charts with their mainstream hard rock. This is their maiden voyage back into the mayhem. On April 16th they released their new album “Something Beautiful,” packed full of music to keep the mind motivated.

Finally, around 9:45 p.m. they enter the stage and begin playing while being cheered on by almost 1000 adoring fans.The sounds coming from the speakers, intoxicating and thought provoking. The crowd is whistling and cheering, tuned into what was being played, “Something Beautiful.”

Stirred, my mind wants to see Oleander perform my favorite song. The anticipation is breathtaking, until…that familiar tune from my early twenties started to play – “I walk alone.” Instantly, I was mouthing the words to the song in unison with the rest of the crowd without even knowing it. Taken back to 1998, before I had kids – still clawing toward self sufficiency, “trying to trust, strong enough not to be afraid.”

The music of Oleander can trigger feelings and emotions so powerful that a person would have to be in the right frame of mind to put it all together.

Oleander makes “fight back” music – music that listeners could use as a tool to survive. That’s what Oleander does they make tunes about holding on by the tiny hairs, they make music about fighting to stay afloat.

I thank goodness they are back together. It’s about time for some good motivating music and Oleander is the perfect motivational speaker to help channel level-headedness.

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