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Opinion: Capital fashion

I’ve lived in the midtown area for almost a year now and the diversity among the citizens in the downtown area is remarkable.

When you grow up in Elk Grove it seemed that everyone had the same taste in fashion. The community in a way looked like everyone took a bath in Forever 21 and all the guys went to the same store to get their snapbacks.

Sacramento is not seen as a city that’s big on fashion and it’s in part because popular culture makes us believe that we need to be shopping at Bergdorf Goodman or Bloomingdales in order to be considered fashionable.

Here at the Capital mainly the midtown and downtown area, there are a wide variety of people setting a new standard for fashion and beauty. The diversity among the citizens of our city allows us to also experience diversity in our community fashion as well.

Unlike most cities in California where everyone looks similar in their dress (Elk Grove), here in the heart of the city we have learned the inexpensive nature of thrift shopping and recycled fashion.

The downtown and midtown community embraces the gently used clothing industry and has even given way to local small businesses. All over midtown we are seeing these thrift shops showing up more and more.

With the economy constantly growing at an alarming rate we need to start supporting local businesses and embracing the individual culture of our community by allowing our version of fashion to be heard at an inexpensive rate.

We are redefining the rules of what is fashionable by creating our own idea of fashion and style. All over the city we see everything from distressed denim and crop tops, to pencil skirts and color blocking.

Working professionals are not bound by traditional standards of what should be worn in the work place. We are staying away from pantsuits, and black on black on black.

While there are still some trends that have conformed to popular culture, (the alarming rate of Michael Kors watch sales) we are still exceeding the expectation that comes with the small town feel of Sacramento.

With all of the uncharted territory in the downtown area there is so much potential for growth of the city to become a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Jade Gardipee – showing fashion has no rules in her high waisted shorts, screen tee and combat boots.

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