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Dating Ink Eats and Drinks

Preparing for the Date

Ink Eats and Drinks has been around since 2003. The restaurant located on the corner of N St. and 28th St is a gem if you like that funky Midtown vibe. The ink in the name refers to the tattoo ink which is the theme of the restaurant. When preparing for this date with Ink anything goes. Dress in a way that is comfortable for you no need to impress or get overly done up unless that is your thing. Personally, I like a long skirt, gladiator sandals and a T-shirt. For guys cargos, T-shirt and sneakers will do the job. The atmosphere lends to comfortable attire. One of the plusses about Ink is the hours. They are open late on weekends and offer numerous specials you can check out on their website.

First Impression

When you walk through the door, you walk directly in. The waiting area consists of a chair next to an ATM. While you wait for a server there may be an awkward moment when you feel like you are in the middle of the restaurant but that gives you time to check out the $5 drink specials on the wall by the door. If you are completely uncomfortable the bar is a good place to go, bartenders can be great conversationalist. I go for a seat by the window that allows me a good view for people watching.

The Date

The food is good and at a reasonable price. There is rarely a time when there is not a special running. I am a french fries fanatic the garlic fries are a must have. The order for me today was fried egg with avocado, tomato and bacon. I am still working on a word that fully encompasses the sandwich. Amazing, wonderful and unbelievable would all need to be multiplied to the tenth degree to get close to how good the sandwich is. I have not come across a menu item i have not liked.

Kiss Goodnight?

The rating no kiss I would not return, a kiss on the cheek I would return but there is no rush, a kiss on the lips a place I am coming back to, a kiss with tongue- I am adding this to my regular list and recommending to all my friends.

Kiss with tongue for Ink. This is going to become my regular late night spot for me. The food is good and the atmosphere is comfortable. What more could you ask for.

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