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Two vehicle accidents within five hours at T & 13th St.

A second accident within just five hours happened at the intersection of T & 13th St in midtown around 1pm.

According to Officer Morris,  the gray Honda was stopped on the south side of T St because of a stop sign.

The gray Honda had minimal front end damage and drove away when released.

The white GMC SUV was traveling east on T St. and did not have a stop sign at that intersection. The Honda pulled out as the GMC SUV travelled freely through the intersection, resulting in a collision.

The GMC traveled until it hit a curb and turned it upside down.

The GMC ended upside down along curb.
A young observer points to a tire on the GMC
The collision sent the GMC off course where it hit a VW that was parked, removing it’s front bumper and headlight. The owner of VW was not present at the scene.

The VW sustained front end damage.

The tow truck prepares to upright the GMC for removal.
A man carries a bumper of the GMC.
Officer Morris said the occupants of the GMC had minor injuries and were transported to a hospital.


Another accident occurred shortly after 8 a.m. at the same intersection under similar circumstances.
A burgundy Chevrolet Tahoe SUV was traveling west on T street (with no stop sign) when a black Mercedes wagon pulled out in front of the Tahoe causing a collision. Four people occupied the Tahoe; the driver and front passenger were transported to the hospital. The rear passengers of the Tahoe stated that the driver was unable to feel his legs and in a great deal of pain as firefighters and medics removed him from the vehicle. The front passenger was suffering from back pain. 

"I see a lot of accidents happen at this intersection," stated Michael Miguel who witnessed the first accident and works in a building at the intersection.

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