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[Photos] Creek Week celebration at Carmichael park

Carmichael Park hosts a celebration for particiants and guests as part of the Creek Week. Saturday April 13 2013 volunteers gathered in nine separate areas across Sacramento county to help rid the area creeks of debris and trash. 

This celebration was a collaboration of several area municipalities like the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sacramento County Department of Waste Management & Recycling and Sacramento Suburban Water District.

Paul and Michelle from Sacramento County department of Waste Management and Recycling.
EcoAdvocates from Sacramento Suburban Water District. Tom, Christie, Sarita, Shawn, Hector, Vicki share water conservation tips.

Their knowlageable staff was out having fun advocating for creek habitat conservation, by sharing informational pamphlets and water conservation tools with spectators.

The creeks harbor protected species of animals such as bats, frogs, owls and other animals. They exist amungst the habitat that carries out storm water to the rivers. These animals live on the other animals, mosquitos other insects and plants. They help keep the ecosyetem in balance.

To help keep the balance, rescue organizations joined in the celebration to bring awareness to the balancing effects of these creatures on our ecosystem.

Corky Quirk from Northern California Bats sharing and educating the crowd.
Kelly from Hawks Honkers and Hoots spreading the word about our “winged neighbors.”
Cody and Adrienne from Save the Frogs, educate visitors about the importance of frogs in our ecosystem.
Jim, Ivy and Craig from the River Parkway Commission
Keeping the creeks clean, maintaining the natural habitat of our local waterways and conservation of the water that flows within it, were all fine points that made this a great and successful cleanup celebration day.

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