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Our original Elite Contributors: Kati Garner

Part of The Sacramento Press’s New Year’s resolution involved some new contributor rankings. We selected seven Elite Contributors to pave the way, and now we’re back on track with our resolution.

Kati Garner won first place at this year’s journalism open, and rightfully so. She is one of the most talented photo journalists contributing to The Sac Press, and also one of our most prolific posters. To say our site would not be the same without her is an understatement.

SP: How long have you been with The Sacramento Press?
KG: About four years.

SP: How did you get started with The Sac Press?
KG: Shot a photo of Amy Goodman for Ron Cooper to accompany a story he wrote about her. 

SP: What issues do you most enjoy covering, and why?
KG: I pretty much enjoy a variety of non-static things where I can capture people’s expressions, scenics, accidents, fires, floods and, most recently, up close to a lot of bees. I like a good challenge 

SP: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had covering something for The Sacramento Press?
KG: It always feels surreal/funny when I photograph someone like a celebrity who I’ve been aware of for most of my life – like Maria Shriver and Arnold, Jerry Brown, Montel Williams. Poking fun at myself, a funny thing that started happening was I’d get excited getting out of my car to shoot something and I would lock my keys in the ignition. The last time while the car was still running.

SP: What do you enjoy about being a citizen journalist?
NF: It helps me feel connected to Sacramento. Sacramento is so full of diversity, which is great for a photographer. I’ve shot more photos here in four years than I did working for a weekly newspaper covering an area of about 40,000.

Peruse Kati’s work here, or check out her profile

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