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Frill seeker: the epitome of Midtown fashion

     This month’s Second Saturday included a fashion show held at the Spanish Fly Hair Garage’s Fly Fest. The Fly Fest is a special event held every spring highlighting local art and the wonderful hair salon, Spanish Fly Hair Garage, owned by Shannon Martin (who also does styling too). The whole event was a fashion affair. Local bands featured in Karen Wilkinson’s article performed during the event. I especially loved this guitarist’s leather moto jacket from the event.

     Before the fashion show, I got my face painted by Jenn Boone of Gypsy Mountain, who drove down from Paradise to support her sister’s salon. She gave me a rainbow eye with faux blue bindis. I am such a sucker for face paint. Face paint is a fun and simple way to give yourself (or a friend) some added personality on a fun night out, especially in an artistic environment like Midtown. Afterward, I had my picture taken by Gideon D. Photography (be sure to check out all the photos, including mine, at www.gideondphotography.com!). I always enjoy coming to Second Saturday in Midtown because of the friendly people and all the free entertainment.

Getting my face painted by Jenn Boone of Gypsy Mountain, check her out on Facebook!
     The fashion show featured clothes from local boutiques like Krazy Mary’s Boutique, showcasing the latest trends you find walking the streets of Midtown. I would classify it as grunge chic, or an edgier twist to ’90s fashion. The “Mom pants” from the era become flattering, high-waisted, acid-wash shorts, and denim vests become distressed with patches of trendy fabric. My favorite look of the night featured a white oversized blouse with shimmery red hot pants. This model strutted with attitude showing some of my favorite summer trends: statement necklaces, short shorts and light hair. The weather is already heating up in Sacramento, so head to Krazy Mary’s and Sugar Shack Boutique to get these summer staples!
Models showcasing the latest local fashion from Krazy Mary’s at the Spanish Fly Hair Garage’s annual Fly Fest
     After the fashion show, I walked up and down J Street with my sister, Taylor. We visited an art show at the Cuilla Brothers Photo Garage that is also an auto body shop. The art show featured many local artists, such as Korpsey, who does illustration and design – some featured on a car in the body shop. I loved the welding works done by Lianna Peters, a student from Sierra College. Lianna Peters always saw art as a hobby, and it wasn’t until college she realized it could be her career. Her best sellers featured at the art show were the bronze-colored roses she spends three to five hours making by hand. I was particularly drawn to her collage piece on a spinning platform, featuring a hummingbird and painted wood. Her eclectic display consisted of welding artwork, paintings and collages.
Student from Sierra College showcasing her eclectic art collection
     I always love checking out the local arts in the greater Sacramento area. Midtown is particularly one of my favorite places to check out. I think it’s because it’s the most fashion-forward area of Sacramento. You can always walk around Midtown and see something fresh; I would say a lot of street style in Midtown inspires my personal style. They also showcase local bands, deejays and eateries. I also received a few coupons while walking around to eateries on J Street, and I can’t wait to check them all out when I’m in need of a new food hot spot!


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