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Lights, Cameras, Action!

By K.I.M.

The Sacramento International Film Festival is less than two weeks away. Come on out River City and enjoy the show!

This year, festival highlights will include the screening of Model Minority by Japanese – American filmmaker and 13 year E.R. cast member Lily Mariye. Lily and Oscar winning actor Chris Tashima are attending the festival and will be available for meet and greets and interviews during the Cine Asia event on Sunday, April 28 at the Delta King in Old Sacramento.

The SIFF screening will be the NorCal premiere for Model Minority. Lily is super excited to be coming to town and looks forward to connecting with the myriad of family members that she has in the area. Model Minority is gaining traction on the film festival circuit and has already been recognized with several awards.

Currently she is trying to secure distribution for her film but says that “it’s kind of like dating, the distributers she wants don’t want her and the ones that want her, she doesn’t want.” Man, sounds just like dating to me. Hang in there Lily! I’m sure prince charming is somewhere waiting. http://www.californiafilm.net/events/cine-asia-2013

The feature length documentary American Courtesans is also part of the 8-day day festival lineup. The provocative film has been generating a bit of buzz for its honest portrayal of the world’s oldest profession.

Native Sacramentan, James Johnson directed the film and will be in attendance, along with a slew of stars.
Cast member Hilary Holiday was arrested for prostitution just prior to the film’s festival run, so she might not make it, but there will be plenty of other interview opportunities available.

American Courtesans has received much critical acclaim and has been officially selected at a variety of film festivals.
American Courtesans will screen at the Sacramento International Film Festival on Monday, April 22 at the historic Delta King in Old Sacramento.

Personally I can’t wait to see 48 Hours Sacramento. You’ve got to give our local filmmakers some love. http://www.californiafilm.net/page/sff-festival-guide-2013

Participating filmmakers drew random movie themes from a hat Friday, April 5th and had until Sunday the 7th to submit their completed projects. During the 48 hour timeline they had to write, produce and edit their films. The nineteen movies that made the tight deadline will be screened at the Crocker on Saturday 4/20. Filmmakers were so tired when dropping off their  films at Studio Center on Fee Dr. that night.

The running theme for 48 Hours this year is Zombies and Steampunks with titles like Mr. Zombie, an entry from Sharon Wright, owner of Carol’s Books on Del Paso. Martin Glover makes an apperience in the somewhat complexing themed film. You’ll have to come out and see it to know what I mean.

“The Role of the POTUS Ball” by Vince Dee Miles was shot on a Red Epic camera. Google it.

No, just kidding here’s a little email interview with the creator himself:

“The 48 Hour Film Challenge experience this year (2013) was the best ever for me in the five or six years that I’ve participated.
You probably want to know why?

Well, if there is anything I can tell anyone who wants to do this challenge is to do all the necessary prep work. This means, assemble your cast, crew, equipment and location. Have an idea of what your key elements are before you write your screenplay.

I knew going into it that my story was going to focus on my two lead actors Vada Russell and Marcas de Leon. That saved me an incredible amount of time. I used only one location, which also made it very easy for everyone.

So, here’s the criteria for my film. The Genre was “Invaders from space.” The one-liner used in all of the 48 Hours films, listen for it, was, “Toto….we’re no longer in Kansas.” The prop used was the “Rube Goldberg Device/Machine.” (WTF)? I guess we’ll see on April 20).

“Lew Osteen, an award winning screenwriter wrote the first draft of my script. Mark Hoffman and myself wrote the second draft.
Now, having a professional DP/Cinematographer (Jeff McPhee) and his RED EPIC was a major blessing to say the least. I mean we’re talking about the same camera used to shoot “The Hobbit.”

Jeff has other cameras, but I had no idea he would bring out the “big gun.” I honestly did not think we would be able to use it because my editor did not think he could work from such a “beast,” but thank the good Lord he was able and willing to take the “beast” by the horns and make a good short film.

Of course having all the best equipment in the world means nothing if you don’t have a good story and good people to tell it.
Well, my cast and crew delivered and they delivered well. I hope you enjoy watching “The Role of the POTUS Ball” a film by Vincent Dee Miles on Saturday April 20th at the Crocker Art Museum”.

Well there you have it folks. I’m done talking about SIFF, for now. I done told you what’s up so if you don’t make it out it ain’t my fault. But seriously we’d love to have you.

Seating is limited so get your tickets now.

I know I’ll be there, so see you at the show. http://www.californiafilm.net/page/sff-festival-guide-2013

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