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Live music, fashion show, art, tattoo and body piercing demos – Fly Fest aims to excite

A little too much coffee and the desire to divert attention from hairstylist Jake Desrocher’s low retail sales is what spawned "Fly Fest," an annual mashup of music, art, fashion, vendors, and tattoo and body piercing demos. He wanted to create a mini Lollapalooza inside Spanish Fly Hair Garage – the hip J Street hair salon – and show that Sacramento isn’t just a little cow town, but is teeming with talent.

Six years later, he claims his event is one of the biggest shows during April’s Second Saturday.

From the 2010 Fly Fest. This year will include music, a fashion show, art, piercing and tattoo demos and more.

"If I gotta brag, that’s the reason why – it’s a really kick-ass event," said Desrochers. "We’re not doing it for the money, we’re doing it for the event itself, seeing the community pull together."

Drawing from the Easy Rider theme, Desrochers described the style of this Saturday’s event as Americana – "sort of loose and free, hit the open road kind of vibe."

"This one kind of fit the hyper bohemian style that’s trending now," he said. "Since we do hair, we like to go to the dramatic side of things."

Piercing demos like this one will be part of this year’s Fly Fest, to be held Saturday night at Spanish Fly Hair Garage.

The party is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 1723 J Street, and will include a fashion show full of big hair and heavy eyeliner, a local artist’s paintings, live piercing, tattoo and body art demos, live rock and pop music, a fashion show and more.

Spanish Fly Hairstylist Daniela Bond described the night as fun, with lots of creative energy. "People will get a feel of our other passions, it’s not just hair for us, it’s creating an atmosphere that inspires creativity," she said.

It’s a free, all-ages show, that also pushes the envelope, Desrochers said. "It’s within reason, there’s no blood and no needles flying everywhere, but it’s extreme," he said. "It’s quite the show stopper for sure, exposing the culture that we’re part of downtown."

Tattoo demos like this one will be part of this Saturday’s Fly Fest at Spanish Fly Hair Garage.

The Music: Diamond Dez, The 77 Club, Ghost Parade, DJ Whores, Blackheart (aka Desrochers), and Jonny Craig, who recently played to a sold-out crowd at Ace of Spades.

The Fashion Show: at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., the runway show will last about seven minutes. The clothing is from Krazy Mary’s boutique, and the hair and makeup will be done by stylists from Spanish Fly and its sister salons – Maverique Style House and Crushed VLVT.

A sampling of the oil-on-canvas art by Sacramento resident Kevin Wilhite, inspired by signs along the historic Route 66.

The Art: By Sacramento resident Kevin Wilhite, the dozen or so oil-on-canvas paintings are based off of old signage along the historic Route 66 and surrounding areas. Wilhite describes the pieces as “fresh out of the oven” and has been working on them for the past three months.

The Tattoo and Piercing Demos: by American Graffiti Tattoo, Royal Peacock Tattoo, and Sacramento Customs.  

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