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March’s Final Friday at Beatnik Studios

Beatnik Studios

Beatnik Studios’ Final Friday attracted a crowd of over 100 guests to its monthly event.

Final Friday featured the artwork of David Mohr, Trent Liddicoat and James Angello. The three artists were present for a meet-and-greet.

Artwork at Beatnik Studios

I had met one of the artists at an artist reception last year at Sol Collective. Liddicoat indicated that his work, along with that of the other two artists, will be exhibited for two months.

“I was asked to exhibit because I’m friends with the other artists who are showing and they studied at Sac State with the curator (Kelley O’Connell) who is working here,” said Liddicoat.

Final Friday art at Beatnik Studios

The self-taught artist shared that he did not attend art school, has been friends with Angello for two years and that they met when they both previously worked together. Many of the artists and guests shared the commonality of being friends with others and made the event an intimate gathering.

Liddicoat stated that most of the art in this show, except for four pieces, was created for the Beatnik exhibit.

Musical Charis and Orion Walsh

The musical part of Final Friday included the Rook Family, Orion Walsh, Musical Charis and Autumn Sky.

Musical Charis, which recently returned from their "Desert Dessert Tour" that also included Orion Walsh, took the stage first.

Musical Charis kicked off an evening of great music with “Eye Candy.” After playing “East West” it became evident that the local band was set to deliver a great performance. Different artists picked up instruments and joined Musical Charis at different points, making the event more like a family reunion than anything else.

Audience participation during Musical Charis set

Audience participation also contributed to the fun, with much hand clapping, foot stomping and joining in to sing to some of the songs.

Most of Musical Charis’ songs are original, but once in a while they throw in a cover song. Their rendition of U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” with Orion Walsh was a great addition to their set.

Orion Walsh, accompanied by Musical Charis, also sung a wonderful rendition of "Amazing Grace." After Musical Charis had played for a while, they departed from the stage, leaving Orion Walsh alone onstage.

Orion Walsh at Beatnik Studios

Visitors continued to enter Beatnik Studios throughout the evening to enjoy the art, music and socializing in a very casual atmosphere. On the side patio, several guests enjoyed the warm evening, while still listening to some of the music.

The Rook Family entertained with a folksy set that captivated the audience. This was the first time I’ve seen them perform, but at the same time they’ve only been together for a few months. The audience joined in with some hand clapping and foot stomping. Several members took turns at the microphone, sharing vocals.

The Rook Family Project at Beatnik Studios

Autumn Sky was the last performer to take the stage. Having seen her on stage before, I was quite pleased to see her performance at Beatnik Studios. Her energetic set had the audience involved as well, as she asked the audience to move closer to the stage.

Autumn Sky at Beatnik Stuiods

 Autumn Sky’s set included a more traditional rock style, and she made it livelier by jumping and moving around the stage. Autumn Sky’s musical talent was well-received, and she delivered a great closing performance. 

Ricky Berger and friend sit as Autum Sky performs at Beatnik Studios

Final Fridays at the Beatnik, from what I’ve witnessed, are a great showcase for Sacramento-area talent. By combining art, music and a great place for social gathering, Beatnik has created an entertaining venue for guests of all ages to enjoy.

Log on to Beatnik Studios to view their upcoming events during the month of April. Visitors can view some of their past events as well as other information about their space availability for venue rentals.

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