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Northwest Land Park Demonstrates Home of the Future

Northwest Land Park LLC held a private demonstration and preview of one of its “net zero electric” home of the future yesterday at the corner of 3rd and V Street in Sacramento.

The Northwest Land Park project is one of the first to test Sacramento’s model for infill development and lays out a plan to develop nearly 1,000 medium and high density homes in the area northwest of Land Park. To date, two homes of net-zero electric high efficiency have been completed.

Northwest Land Park’s home of the future offers new efficient building material, LED lighting and a Wireless Home Control System.

“Rebuilding our urban neighborhoods with sustainable compact energy efficient homes is a continuing challenge for our community,” said E. James Murar, President of Northwest Land Park. “Our team at Northwest Land Park LLC has undertaken the challenge and we have seen significant results thus far.”

Northwest Land Park received its Home Energy Rating (HERS) certificates from the California Energy Commission and it confirms that both of the homes completed are super energy efficient, using less energy than they produce on an annualized basis. One home scored a “five” on a scale from 250 down to zero, where scores under 100 are considered High Energy Efficient Homes. The other home scored a “nine” on the same system.

Northwest Land Park is able to achieve the High Energy Efficient ratings by building a super-efficient thermal shell and by using Energy Star appliances, 96% efficient tankless hot water heaters, LED low voltage lighting and very efficient heating and cooling systems. Homes also include a home automation system that provides keyless entry, security sensors, smart plugs, energy monitor and IP security camera – all controllable by an App on your phone, tablet or computer.

This is not an experimental project but real homes built for living with technologies and products available today. Engineering estimates have projected that these homes can prevent on average over 900 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Valuable technical and financial assistance has been provided by SMUD.

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