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Push for equality in the home stretch

As the Supreme Court of the USA listens to oral arguments March 26 and 27 on The Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, many people, gay and straight across the nation, are showing their desire for equality.

Tuesday March 26 many in the Sacramento area rallied for Sacramento Light the Way to Justice in front of the Sacramento Federal Courthouse at 501 I Street for over two hours holding signs, flags and waving at people driving by. It will happen again today starting at 4pm.

Just bring some signs to hold for this peaceful stand of love and solidarity. 

I asked some ralliers why they were there. A common thread was "celebration".

Here are some responses:"For equal rights. I believe everyone has the right to be married," Patricia Boynton explained. "I’m straight. I’m an ally."

"We support our LGBT brothers and sisters to get married because we were fortunate enough to get married on Oct. 2008 and we’re supporting our brothers and sisters who can’t and hopefully will by June," Nicole Scanlan said.

Joan Haug-West holds her sign.

"My wife asked me to come," Joan Haug-West.

Ken Pierce is a representative of BRAVE society, a bully-awareness, a non-profit.

He said he’s here "to hopefully celebrate what will be the end of a very long fight for Marriage Equality here in California."

"I think, at least I hope, what will happen, is they’re going to realize this is a state issue. The way it was framed going up to the Supreme Court is it’s a very narrow issue and it’s a state issue and I think they will push it back to California saying ‘you’ve guys have pretty much decided the Supreme Court in California has said this Prop. 8 is unconstitutional.’"

They’re looking at late June for a decision, but Pierce added "I’m hoping for mid-June because PRIDE Festival is June 15 and it would be nice to have the decision the Friday before so we can have same-sex weddings on the main stage at our PRIDE festival."

Spencer Douglas was at the rally celebrating his pride for being part of the LGBT and supporting my friends and others who should have the right to marry.

"I’m also here personally," Douglas said. "The day (anniversary) probably passed that was the first LGBT oriented event I ever went to – the march on the Capitol."

He was a freshman in high school at the time, he explained, about 5 years ago, and he remembers being so scared that day to come out here and march with people and he hid in the middle of all these gay guys because he didn’t want anyone to see him or be on the news.

"For me this is kind of celebrating my journey of being who I am today and how I got to be proud of myself compared to how I used to be," Douglas concluded.

Here are some photos taken at the rally:


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