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Agriculture Day at Capitol

People came from all over to enjoy Ag Day at the Capitol.

According to a press release,  “Ag Day: The California Advantage”  gives farming and ranching leaders an opportunity to show legislators and the public how they produce California’s amazing agricultural bounty. This year’s theme is “The California Advantage,” acknowledging all of the special elements that make our state so productive and so innovative: climate, soils, water, research, technology, labor… it all adds up to world-renowned productivity, variety and quality.

If you paid a visit to the Capitol yesterday you’d have sworn you’d stepped onto a farm. There were chicken, alpacas, horses, goats, farm equipment, food and milk and even rodeo queens. I didn’t see the largest school lunch tray. The frizzell chicken above was one of the attractions.

Reba, a chinese breed, about two years old and Splash, five years old, are two well-loved chickens owned by Kendals Dale and Amanda Acuff. They both said they will keep them forever.

Rodeo queens left to right areTracy Hinson, Miss California Rodeo Queen; Bridgette Lahaye, Miss Rodeo California and Dakota Skellenger, Miss Rodeo Queen.Skellenger said it’s important for the three of them to be at Ag Day because of the closeness agriculture is to rodeo. "If we didn’t have agriculture, we wouldn’t have rodeo," she said.

Steven Bradford, Assemblyman, 62nd District feels how it is to be behind the steering wheel of a tractor.

Thanks to agriculture, we were able to eat a great tasting mini-burger.
One of the fluffy alpacas on hand.

Spinning alpaca fur on a wheel.
Some of the products made from Alpaca fur.

It takes hundred of thousands of pounds of Alpaca fiber to create products like these.

Two little ones on top of the “calf” used for roping practice.

This youngster doesn’t need much practice with a rope:

The Capitol west lawn was packed.

“Get your crop on!” this California farms group says. They are
found at www.californiafarms.cdfa.ca.gov.
Comfort Coops – good for chickens.
Petting a small pony.

Ag Day happens annually.

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