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Spataro moves over for farm-to-fork restaurant, nightclub

A farm-to-fork style restaurant is set to take over downtown fixture Spataro Restaurant & Bar, and a separate nightclub is primed to come in as well. Owner Randy Paragary will stay on board, and is partnering with three former employees – Chef David LaRoche, Shaun Freeman and Brad Peters. 

To be named Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions, the restaurant is expected to open at 1415 L Street in early April, and will use local ingredients gathered from farmers’ markets. Some Hock Farm dishes will remain on the menu regardless of the season, according to a press release from Paragary Restaurant Group, and others will change weekly and daily, depending on what’s available at the markets. 

The namesake is an homage to Sutter Hock Farm, which John Sutter established in 1841 as a large-scale agricultural settlement in Northern California, and named after the Nisenan Hock tribe, according to PRG.  

"The kind of cuisine we’re doing is something different from what you’ll see at other places in our vicinity," PRG Marketing Director Callista Wengler told the Capitol Morning Report. That cuisine will include crispy pork belly, wood oven-roasted mussels and chicken liver mousse.

The three partners of Hock Farm Crafts & Provisions showed passion and talent during their time with the company, according to the release. Chef LaRoche is a protégé of Executive Chef Kurt Spataro, and has worked for PRG for more than 10 years. Freeman was a general manager at Cafe Bernardo on K Street, and Peters was a bar manager at Centro Cocina Mexicana. 

“We’ve had many talented employees leave us to open their own concepts; this is a way for us to retain that talent, as well as bring a fresh perspective,” Randy Paragary stated in the release.

Downtown Sacramento Partnership Spokeswoman Lisa Martinez said this farm-to-fork restaurant fits in with what’s happening across the nation and within the industry. “Downtown is already a destination for farm-to-fork dining, and it’s really consistent with Sacramento’s position as America’s farm-to-fork capitol.”

Sacramento is an area that naturally supports eating locally produced foods, Martinez went on to say. “It’s kind of our calling card and identity as a region,” she said. “Culinary tourism is a big trend internationally and Sacramento really leads the way.”

Spataro’s bar will also be rebuilt. And a seperate nightclub, branded as Vanguard, will open, however details on this business endeavor were scant. What’s known is that Vanguard will be operated by Trevor Shults, who manages The Assembly and is a co-owner of BarWest in Midtown.

PRG spokeswoman Callista Wengler wrote in an email, "Other than sharing the bathrooms, we are two completely separate businesses and concepts." 

Spataro, which primarily serves Italian food, is expected to close by the end of the week, according to the report.  

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