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Patterson adds range and professionalism to new team

He was supposed to be Buster the third.

I mean, everyone in the family expected it to happen once they found out Tywanna was having the baby.

That is, everyone but Tywanna.

“She refused for me to be another Buster,” Patterson said. “The whole family wanted me to be Buster, but they lost the argument.”

Patrick Patterson is the cornerstone in the trade that also brought Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas to the Kings on February 20 of this year in exchange for Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt.

In Patterson, the Kings get a more experienced power forward that can also spread the floor with his outside shooting ability.

For “P-Pat” – as he’s known – it was quite a benefit to be shipped to Sacramento along with Douglas as they had shared the floor on numerous occasions.

“It helps whenever you transition to a new team with a bunch of players in whom you’ve already been comfortable with in Toney (Douglas) and Cole (Aldrich),” Patterson said.

Besides that, Patterson feels close to many on the Kings roster.

“I’m definitely fortunate that I came into a team with players that I’ve already had friendships with like DeMarcus (Cousins), Marcus Thornton, Chuck Hayes, Isaiah (Thomas) and Tyreke (Evans). Just guys whom I’ve already had relationships with, guys I’ve already been around before, guys I pretty much know, so that transition made it a lot smoother and comfortable for myself.”

It’s great that Patterson already has a sense of comfort in the Sactown.

But also important is that in Patterson (and Douglas), Coach Smart sees a high basketball I.Q.

That basketball knowledge was on display immediately after their acquisition.

Smart had given both players a mini-playbook to digest quickly. But even a guy with high expectations like Coach Smart was impressed with how quickly the new guys picked up on it.

“The other night Golden State went into a zone,” Smart said, “and I instinctively called a play that we run against the zone. Both Douglas and Patterson jumped right into their spots. So obviously those guys had looked through their package a little bit, but that’s what pros do. Pros get information, they look at it, they pay attention to it and they try to apply it.”

Ah, if it’s one thing this team needs more of is pros – true professionals.

Some of the key things Patterson brings to this team are rebounding and his defense.

Jason Thompson loves the way he spreads the floor because the other team’s big men have to come out and guard him away from the basket.

“It opens the floor up for everybody and makes it tough on their defense,” Thompson said. “Any time a guy like that – a big guy – can hit some three’s like that, it’s only gonna help.”

Toney Douglas thinks the Kings have just started seeing what Patterson has to offer.

“Rebounding, his shot – he’s a pick and pop player, he’s a smart player, he can screen, knows when to screen and when to post up, great passer and he takes pride in everything he does out there on the floor,” Douglas said. “That’s all you can ask for in a guy like that.”

I guess you could have asked for him to be named Buster.

But then his mother wouldn’t have been happy. And a happy mother makes for a happy Patrick.



Patrick Patterson lays up a little floater over Luis Scola
Patterson dribbles towards the rack on his way to a lay-up
Patterson gets caught up in the air trying to block a shot by Scola
Patterson directs traffic from the top of the key
Newcomer Toney Douglas sets the play for the offense and has been setting quite the tone on defense
Jimmer Fredette flies at Jared Dudley trying to block his shot
Some fans brought out the Kevin Johnson/Save Our Kings banner in support of a downtown arena
Tyreke Evans tears through the defense in route to a lay-up attempt
Patterson lifts one over Luis Scola in the game on Friday

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