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Sacramento State’s Student Fashion Association (SFA) recently held model castings for their April 12 fashion show. The castings took place on Feb. 22-23 at Sac State’s University Union.

Over 80 models attended the casting and two judging panels evaluated them.  Each model performed a short catwalk and posed for the judges. During Friday’s casting three judges made notes for designers to review at a later date to help them select models for their showcase.

Serving as a judge was Simone Vianna, fashion editor, wardrobe consultant and she also serves as a talent coordinator for Sacramento Fashion Week. Alongside Vianna was Mary Kawano owner of Krazy Mary’s Boutique and Sugar Shack Boutique. Jennifer Siopongco, fashion blogger and past SFA President served as the final judge for the first casting.

SFA Model Casting Director, Elysa Quintella, worked with judges and models to keep things going smoothly.

Simone Vianna, Mary Kawano, Jennifer Siopongco and Elysa Quintella

SFA board members guided cast members as they filled paperwork for the event. Measurements, head and body shots were also taken by SFA members and volunteers.

SFA castings measurements station

SFA’s new board members were assisted by past members who continue to be involved.

SFA membership is open to students and its members are involved in producing and promoting a fashion show each semester. Student designers’ creativity is showcased at these shows.

Past and current SFA Board members

Casting models included many students and was also open to non-students. Male and female models regardless of size and height were invited to participate.

Models at SFA casting

Networking opportunities with industry professionals are a great benefit for SFA members. At each of their fashion shows the community at large is given the opportunity to work with Sac State students and participate as sponsors and guests. Collaboration between fashion industry professionals continues to grow.

Nikko Panganiban, SFA President, talked a little about his role at the casting. Panganiban indicated the castings and show that follows are exciting. When asked what year of study he was in the Sac State senior smiled and said that he should have already graduated. As with many students searching for a career path he’s switched emphasis until recently saying, “I finally found what I really have a passion for so it took me a while to find out what I wanted to do.”

Panganiban’s attitude and personality are a great asset to SFA and his response to describing the most exciting and worst thing about  being SFA President supported that assumption. Panganiban noted that he couldn’t think of anything bad and said the most exciting thing was, “Seeing all the new members and seeing all the fresh faces and how enthusiastic people are about it. That’s been the most exciting thing.”

SFA continues to allow students, with a passion for fashion, the opportunity to become involved in community and educational events. Membership to the club is open to all Sac State students regardless of major and allows them opportunities to network with industry professionals.

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