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Fairytale Town – new play equipment in Sherwood Forest

New play structure in Sherwood Forest.

Got a bunch of energetic kids? Wheel them over to Fairytale Town and point them in the direction of Sherwood Forest.

Kathy Fleming greeted a small group of us early this morning for a first-hand look at the new structure that includes slides, crawl tubes,, a talk tube, telescope and many climbing apparatuses. There are steps shaped as tree trunks and bedrock, an inclined log and a vertical climbing wall. To make for soft landings wood chips surround the base of it.

"Sherwood Forest has been a treasured part of Fairytale Town for more than 30 years," said Kathy Fleming, executive director of Fairytale Town. "Hundreds of thousands of children will have fun pretending they are Robin Hood or Maid Marian as they crawl on Sherwood Forest’s new play structure,"

The play area also has a balance beam, a maze of Boxwood and Spring Bouquet shrubs, wood sculptures and big area for eating or working on projects. 

The youngest donor who helped make the structure possible is Jesse Hooper.

Jesse Hooper

Former Sacramento city council member  Rob Fong made a substantial donation, as well as proceeds from Fairytale Town’s Yellow Brick Road fundraising project.

The ribbon was cut.

Peeking through a hole in a crawl tube.
Fun sliding.

Balance beam also acts as a safe see-saw.
Putting finishing touches on his Robin Hood hat.
Climbing a tree log.
Chatting with his brother on the other end of the talk tube.
Sitting in a crawl tube talking to a friend.
Bill Brown
Bill Brown was the first chair of the Sherwood Forest committee. Dressed in leather he is also a docent at Sutter’s Fort.

Three wood chairs handmade by staff.
For more information, visit fairytaletown.org or call 916-808-7462.

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