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Thief steals tools from Sacramento Habitat for Humanity jobsite

This past Tuesday, February 5th, Sacramento Habitat for Humanity Construction Site Supervisor Scott Higgins discovered that his site, 1017 Frienza Avenue, had been vandalized and over $2,800 in tools were missing.

The tools were being kept in a locked storage container located on site behind a locked fence.  Suspects broke the lock which was concealed inside a metal chamber located on the exterior front of the storage container and removed the construction tools inside which included a Yellow 6000W Generator on wheels (valued $2,100), a skill saw, a cordless drill set, and various other miscellaneous building items totaling $2,800 in losses for Sacramento Habitat.

Frienza Avenue is one of Sacramento Habitat’s current construction projects in Del Paso Heights.  The site had recently been demolished and Sacramento Habitat for Humanity was soon to begin construction on the site for a new Habitat family.  Construction, which now, says Director of Construction Dan Wilson, “will need to be halted until we can figure out how we will be able to afford to replace these tools.”

“We’re working on such a limited budget already,” says Sacramento Habitat CEO Ken Cross, “when things like this happen…it’s devastating”

A sentiment echoed by Dan Wilson, “We’re already working with broken down, old rusty tools out there.  Half the time, the volunteers bring their own tools from home because our tools are in such need of repair or replacement that we can’t afford.  So when things like this happen, it hits us really hard”

According to neighbors, though they were reluctant to be involved, someone who lives nearby is responsible for the theft.

About Sacramento Habitat for Humanity
Established in 1985, Sacramento Habitat for Humanity (SHfH) is a 501(c)3 non profit local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. SHfH’s mission is to build decent affordable homes in partnership with families in need, supported locally by volunteers, faith based-organizations, individual donors and corporations for the betterment of our community.        www.shfh.org

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