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Take advantage of promotions until plastic bags are banned

There’s a lot of buzz going around in response to a plastic bag ban proposed by Sacramento City Council Members Steve Cohn and Kevin McCarty. If the ban is passed, Sacramento will be the first city in the central valley to prohibit plastic bags.

Full disclosure: I work for a nonprofit organization focused on “greening” the Sacramento region. However, we are not in a position to make a public statement about banning plastic bags, the hazards bags pose to wildlife and creeks, or the amount of jobs that may be lost in response to a ban.

That being said, I am personally in support of a plastic bag ban. My husband and I are often spotted toting reusable bags from various retailers while contributing to the local economy. We do what we can.

Sometime we receive kudos when we bring our reusable bags. Occasionally retailers let you donate the cost of an unused bag to charity. Last week AT&T announced that all Northern California stores are donating 10 cents to the Nature Conservancy for each bag customers forego upon checkout. Sounds like a winning proposition to me.

More than 60 local governments have passed plastic bag bans in California, and I believe it is inevitable that the ban is coming to a town near you. Until then, I will be taking advantage of donation two-fers and exercising my reusable bags as often as possible.

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