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2013 women’s roller derby season kicks off

The 2013 season for the Sacred City Derby Girls roller derby teams kicked off Friday night at the Memorial Auditoriium. The three teams – the Roseville Wreckers, Midtown Maulies, and Donna Party – went head-to-head (body to body) in a "friendly" round robin event. No matter who came out the winner there was a lot of pushing around on the track, and not a few falls to the floor. Enjoy the photos as I enjoyed the action!

Jammer E5 of the Roseville Train wreckers gets by the blocking line of the Midtown Maulies.

As you can see, the Maulies were not that happy with the pass!

More shoulder-to-shoulder action between the Train Wreckers and the Donna Party jammer ended up with a bone crunching topple to the floor.


Midtown Maulie vs. a Train Wrecker.



The Donna Party blocking line pushes a Maulie outside of the legal track boundary.

Even if there was stiff competition, a great deal of comaraderie and sportsmanship was displayed by the players.

The referees, while serious in their roles, each have very creative names. This is Y.I. Otter. Others officiating at the event were Marriedjuana, Don Scoreleone, Mav Wreck, MOJO, Buck U Up, Colin M. Fairly, and That One Ref…

Don’t miss the fun throughout the 2013 season. Tickets can be purchased at sacredcityderbygirls.com.

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