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Yoga in the Vineyard 2013, thoughout California Wine Country

Yoga’s explosive growth is part of a broader nationwide health and wellness trend, come join the celebration of life. 

Yoga in the Vineyard 2013 is well positioned at the intersection of a healthy yoga practice inclusive of interfaith, intercultural, intergenerational expression where individuals experience a broader growing social yoga and wine community.  We allow nutrition, food and agriculture programs, exercise routines, spa and wellness resorts, traditional health professionals and other desciplines to all come together and share throughout the Sacramento – San Joaquin, a hub of California wine country.  

For several decades Allison Boyd has pracited yoga and studied healthy living while working in the health care industry throughout Northern California.  Traveling to Costa Rica on vacation with some of Lodi, California’s award winning winemakers, the notion of sharing cultural tourism, food and wine while expanding a healthy lifestyle became a vision that has come to life.  

“Yoga in the Vineyard" allows new and seasoned students to experience the special outdoor ambiance of the vineyard while anticipating special food and wine parings at our carefully selected locations that showcase excellence and California history.

Yoga in a natural outdoor setting is nothing new.  Practicing in an enclosed studio is required in most parts of the world for a year round social practice, the growing trend is where ancient yoga practice meets capitalism and competition.

Yoga is a growing @ 20% annually, one in ten Americans are practicing.  Roughly 70% are women and 30% are men, with a $82,000 annual household income, fueling a growing 6 billion dollar annual industry, according to the Yoga Business Academy.

What is certain, connecting with the natural environment helps to create a peaceful, loving and nurturing experience essential for health and healing.  Something we all need and should experience in a safe social enviroment.  

Yoga in the Vineyard students braved the chill of a November 2012 afternoon at Watt’s Winery, Lodi, California, just as the final late harvest grapes was complete, a unique ‘Therapeutic Flow Yoga Workshop’ was born.

Our Yoga in the Vineyard 2013 offers our workshop participants a wonderful day trip or as part of a destination agricultural tourism package for experienced travelers.  We highlight yoga, food and wine showcasing, historic rural California wine country.  

Allison Boyd, Registered Yoga Instructor and Registered Dietician uniquely designs a monthly Yoga in the Vineyard experience, yet adapts her workshop to the collective energy of the group attending, so the format is familar yet feel of the workshop is different each time.

Mary Sheehan Dakin summed up the vision best, “what a wonderful experience, tonight, I can’t wait until spring, Namaste.”

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