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I Wanna Nerd You Up: ‘Future Technology Lights’ and Fett’s midnight run

I love Star Trek (I suppose there’s an argument to be made that you may not even be a nerd without some Star Trek love in your heart). I especially love “Star Trek: TNG.”

On a side note, I was recently laid off. That’s freed up a lot of my time for watching Star Trek episodes and movies. 

My mom is a retired police officer (she worked for a local university that recently gained some national attention and infamy not too long ago), and I grew up taping episodes of TNG for her while she was working (I was the first DVR). My sister and I usually ended up watching episodes twice: once while taping the episode on a VHS tape, and again when watching it with her at a later date.

While there are many great characters aboard Enterprise-D/-E, my favorite character is Data.

One of the reasons why Data is a favorite of mine is because he can be tinkered with. And tinkered with he was.

There was usually one episode per season of TNG where someone, usually La Forge (who was played by LeVar Burton, alumni of Christian Brothers High School), had to open Data’s scalp or forearm to access some port. For some reason, whenever his “skin” was opened, there were blinking lights. I mean, a lot of blinking lights. If you peeled all of Data’s skin off, you could probably use him as a Christmas decoration on your roof or lawn.

During the recording of the latest episode of the podcast I host, we discussed the reasons why Star Trek routinely lets you know that something is technologically advanced with numerous blinking lights. Data had them embedded in his forearms, under his scalp, in the cheeks of his face, and who knows where else.

Are they there to show the audience that a particular part is working, like a router’s flashing lights let you know a signal is being broadcast? Do they actually serve a purpose for Data’s movement, like a signal relay? Or did Dr. Soong, Data’s creator, just have a thing for LED lights?

There were other moments of “Future Technology Lights” (a term I came up with to describe said lights) throughout TNG, too. For example, consider the Borgs’ “recharging stations,” which I’m pretty sure were lumindisks from Spencer’s Gifts, in the movie “Star Trek: First Contact.”

I’ll have to run down to Arden Fair Mall this weekend and do some investigative research and see if those are the same type of lumindisks.

Now that we know there will be stand alone Star Wars movies, I can’t wait for the spin off Lampoon-like Star Wars comedies.
What about John Landis directing an Animal House story about some Padawan learners that are in their early 20’s and all of the shenanigans they get into? Yoda could put them on double-secret probation!

How about a Bachelor Party movie about Annakin getting hitched or a Midnight Run movie with Boba Fett trying to get a bounty to Jabba the Hutt’s palace by a certain time? What about a 40 Year Old virgin movie about Obi-wan finally getting laid?

Does anyone out there have a connection to any of the suits at Disney or Lucasfilm? I have some pitches that need to be made.

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