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Super party creates super fun despite loss

America’s top party event: football

Super Bowl parties are usually fun events regardless of who wins or loses, even if it’s your region’s team that loses because of super poor officiating that nullifies the most spectacular comeback in football history. No one disputes the incredible performance of the Baltimore Ravens in the first half or the opening of the second half. What’s amazing is what happend after the Ravens took a 28-6 lead and the lights went out at the Superdome in New Orleans for a half hour. Eric Child was not cheering for either team, but loves football and got what he wanted: an exciting game at his private Super Bowl party. 

The party crowd seemed to be most excited about Beyonce’s sexy half time performance, as some people left after that, assuming that the San Francisco 49ers had been blown out 21-6. Then the Ravens opened the third quarter with an amazing kickoff return for a touchdown to make the score 28-6. But the mood of the pro-49er crowd that stayed didn’t die, although the stadium lights did die for about a half hour. Then the 49ers came storming back with two quick touchdowns and suddenly the score was 28-20. From there it became anybody’s ball game as the Ravens simply outlasted the 49ers with a little help from absent-minded officiating. Had the officials done their job, which is to throw a flag when a pass involves defensive interference, the 49ers would have had a good shot at taking the lead. Instead, time ran out and the Ravens won 34-31.

Eric Child, who works sound at Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar and Grill in Roseville, gave a SacTV.com interview about the game, from an objective viewpoint. As a Green Bay Packer fan who grew up in the Midwest, he was more happy about the turnout to his party than the game itself. But he did comment in the interview that the 49ers were hurt by a bad non-call at the end of the game, which certainly made a huge difference in the outcome. As a football fan, he still thought it was a great game.

"They called that timeout in the third quarter," Eric observed as one of the factors why the 49ers lost. "I know that (Coach Jim) Harbaugh was upset with him (QB Colin Kaepernick). And I think it maybe cost him at the end … I think they got jobbed on the call. You know, they should’ve had a holding call at the end. I’m not the ref, though, and that’s just how that is." He also concluded that the 49ers should have come out stronger in the beginning. So there you have it, one of the most balanced game reviews you’ll find. 

Football itself has become like a religion in America, in which humor isn’t supposed to be part of the analysis. Many people across the country, especially on the West Coast, are very upset by the officials missing a game-deciding call, just like how poor officiating cost the Packers on the last play of a regular season game that handed a victory to the Seattle Seahawks. But in the end, rational people know it’s just a game. Eric’s party was refreshing because the crowd didn’t lose their minds. They simply accepted the outcome and moved on. Perhaps emotionally-stable Sacramento is ahead of the nation in that respect. 

Here’s some humor to cool fans down: the game should have been called "The Super Blow" because the Ravens blew a huge lead, the 49ers blew a great comeback, the officials blew crucial calls, the Superdome lights blew out and the commercials blew more than anything we’ve ever seen in television history. 

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