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People’s Choice: Your vote counts

Welcome to February, when the Journalism Open contest really gets good. This is the time when our contributing writers get to stop toiling and start celebrating all of their hard work.

While editor Jared Goyette and myself will forward on the top ten finalist entries to our panel of guest judges to score, we’re also asking you, our readers, to get in on the action.

Below you’ll find, in no particular order, the People’s Choice contenders, which were selected based on a combination of article views and thumbs ups received. We’ll count votes received up until 5 p.m. on Feb. 11. The winner will be selected soley based on approval rating. Vote for your favorite articles by giving them the coveted Sac Press thumbs up as seen here:

Your vote goes here.
We’ll award the writer with the highest approval rating their $400 check at our Awards Party on Feb. 12. Join us at Chops Steakhouse in downtown Sacramento for drinks, snacks and general merriment when we will announce all of the winners of this year’s open. Save yourself some cash by getting your tickets early here

Since we are only accepting one entry per writer for the People’s Choice, we submitted the article with the highest approval rating for any writer who made the list twice.

All right, check it out. Start clicking and get voting – we can’t do it without you!

1. Verge Center for the Arts poised to push limits by Stephania Erkenbrecher

 2. Zero Dark 30: The bad guy gets killed by Gary Chew

 3. Opinion: Experience the Sactown Hopper by Mackenzie Pitts

4. The state of medical cannabis in the city of Sacramento by Ron Mullins

5. Obituary: Sheila was a regular presence in the central city and beyond by Bill Burgua

6. Opinion: Private money and public schools by Seth Sandronsky

7. Occupy Sacramento rallied for homeless by Kati Garner

8. The finest of beer proprietors by Patricia Willers

9. SacAnime’s growing pains by David Alvarez

10. Old and young jitterbug together in intergenerational program by Nancy Flagg

 11. 301 Capitol Mall six years later by Michael Zwahlen

12. Hoops raises food for needy by Chris Shannon

13. After school program gives kids a chance to live a healthy future by Nick Hunte

14. Ella features only vegetarian dishes for Dine Downtown by Rich Beckermeyer

15. My kind of town Sacramento is by Kathleen Johnson 

Editor’s note: Join The Sacramento Press on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at Chops Steakhouse to honor Journalism Open winners. Get tickets!

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